It is amazing that no one came up with the idea of a Transparent Canoe Kayak before Hammacher. It provides the occupants with a view that is absolutely stunning, but that had been impossible to enjoy before this product appeared.

The Transparent Canoe Kayak has the capacity to seat two people, with the combined weight of 425 lbs. The design increases stability and balance by allowing the paddlers to sit lower to the deck. The position of the seats is adjustable, making it possible to customize the leg room, which can be very useful if there are two paddlers of significantly differing sizes, as is the case when one of them is a child.

Hammacher made the frame for this vessel of anodized aluminum which makes it extremely light, thus perfect for transportation. On the other hand, the hull is made of the same material that is used in the cockpits of supersonic fighter jets, meaning that its extremely durable and reliable.

The only problem you might have is the price. At $1,599.99 you won’t really need to pay top dollar, but we can’t call it a bargain either. If the price is no problem for you, the Transparent Canoe Kayak is sure to be a great source of water fun. Great job, Hammacher. watch video below

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2 people paddling in the Transparent Canoe Kayak by Hammacher

Woman on a Transparent Canoe Kayak by Hammacher

Edge of the Transparent Canoe Kayak by Hammacher

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