Tram21 Waxed Canvas And Saddle Leather Bags


Tram21 is a company from Belgium and they take their bags seriously. In order to create the high-quality collection of bags, they went to great lengths, even took half a year to see more than 20 producers in order to find the best leather. The result is the outstanding quality and style.

Let us start with the classic Messenger Bag. This cool looking bag is made of waxed canvas and saddle leather. The delicate leather will age nicely and get subtle shades. The great thing about it is also the fact you can store any laptop up to 15 inches. The dimensions of the bag are 12 x 15.5 x 4 inches and you can get it in three colors.

Tram21 green Messenger Bag

Tram21 bags are made using high quality waxed canvas and saddle leather.

Everyone needs a Duffel Bag. With it, you can pack all the essentials and easily carry it, especially when traveling. You might not know this, but Duffel is a city in Belgium where the duffel canvas originated from. With the reinforced bottom, the handle and leather strap, this one is inspired by the original US Military Duffel bag. Both the leather and the lining are waterproof so it will last a long time. Thanks to its dimensions, it can serve as a cabin luggage as well.

Tram21 Duffel Bag

Duffel bag is perfect for travel and it’s waterproof, so your items will stay safe in case it starts raining.

The last bag we’re talking about today is the Canvas Backpack. It’s very comfortable to wear and comes with a leather cover and wide shoulder straps. Just like the last one, this one also has a waterproof leather structure. As for its storage capacity, inside you can place a 15-inch laptop and carry smaller items inside a separate, easily accessible front pocket.

Get it from Etsy here

Tram21 Backpack

The Canvas Backpack.

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