If you want the perfect tent, consult with the people who have been living in one all their lives – the nomads. The tent we are featuring today is inspired by yurt, the traditional, mobile dwelling structure usually used by the nomads of Central Asia. The brainchild of designer and adventurer Uula Jero, the tent is aptly called Trakke Jero after the outdoors company that produces it and the tent’s designer. Trakke Jero is made to bring adventure to you if you are unable to go on an adventure yourself.

Uula Jero actually lived in one of these tents for an entire year to test the prototype. Trakke Jero Tent has a lightweight, elevated construction which can be easily transported in a vehicle. When packed, its dimensions are 1.2 x 0.8 x 0.5m, and it weighs approximately 110kg. You can use it for camping in the mountains or simply make a guest bedroom of it in your garden.

Trakke Jero is four metres in diameter with a floor space of 12.57 square metres. The tent’s minimum height is 1.2 metres and its maximum height is 2.6 metres. Trakke Jero is made from marine plywood, with a cotton canvass cover. It has telescopic roof poles, a crown cap and a removable door. As far as the assembly goes, you won’t need any tools whatsoever, believe it or not.

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Material to make the Trakke Jero Tent

Inside the Jero Tent

Roof of the Jero Tent

Walls of the Jero Tent from Trakke

Trakke Jero Tent

Inside the Trakke Jero Tent

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