Over the last year or so there has been a movement that has been influencing many people’s lives in, what many say, a radical way but the people joining say that it is an incredibly positive one. All over the country, and the world, people are quitting their monotonous 9-5 jobs, cracking open their saving funds and becoming modern day nomads. However, these people do not become nomads with squalid conditions in mind, rather, they travel in style and comfort while they experience what the world outside of their abysmal cubicles have to offer. The Toybox Tiny Home is one type of abode that these nomads look for.

Toybox Tiny Home design

If you are thinking about becoming a modern nomad, why not do it with style

The Toybox Tiny Home was designed by Frank Henderson and Paul Schultz. It took them a year to complete the 140 square foot mobile home and what they had accomplished truly is amazing. When entering through the front sliding door guests will be greeted with a murphy table, rearrangeable seats, a raised loft for sleeping that is accessed by a moveable ladder, a kitchen area and a bathroom outfitted with a sink, toilet and shower.

Toybox Tiny Home rearrangeable seats

The rearrangeable seats can be moved around to create an additional bed, if the need for one arises

LED lighting has been installed to give you plenty of night in the evenings and, during winter, you can thank recycled heating pads in the floors for keeping you warm. Although the house has no toilet, the designers have plumbed the house to accept one.

Toybox Tiny Home kitchen

With a fully functional kitchen, you will not experience the lack of a home cooked meal

This is a comfortable and stylish solution for all of you who want to start living life, explore and experience everything this world has to offer. The Toybox Tiny Home is for sale in Lake Forest, Illinois.

Toybox Tiny Home sleeping area

The sleeping area is located next to the kitchen, right above the bathroom

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