Top Ways To Make The Most Of a Long-Distance Friendship

Were you heartbroken when your best friend had to move to a different country to increase the chances of his promotion and pay? Are you nostalgic about when you were near one another, sharing experiences and spending more time together? If yes, then this article is for you!

There are some sacrifices and compromises one has to make to climb the corporate ladder. That can put an enormous strain on any kind of relationship. But if you don’t want the long-distance and time zone differences to affect your friendship, it needs some effort from both sides. Keep reading to find out the top ways to make the most of a long-distance friendship.

1. Schedule routine calls to catch up with your friend

When you have a decided day and time for video calls, it allows you to plan your personal time and priorities accordingly. So you don’t end up missing out on anything important. Keep texting occasionally to be aware of each other’s life. Keep in mind the time zone differences.

2. Open up!

Don’t restrict your conversations to childhood nostalgia. You both have clearly grown up, and certain liabilities might be stressing you out. Discuss that, your love lives and family. When you are curious about his life, he might eventually open up too. That’ll deepen your relationship.

3. Set reminders for important dates

Important dates like birthdays, marriage or work anniversaries deserve to be celebrated. Set reminders of those important dates on your calendar and maybe surprise him with a gift or schedule a donut delivery if he has a sweet tooth. Try to be discreet when you ask for his address. Cook up a believable excuse!

4. Watch movies together

Nowadays, you can watch movies and shows together with your friends who are miles apart online. While the current situation doesn’t allow you to do so physically, applications like Twoseven, Watch2gether etc., can help. These services are designed with simplicity in mind and can run using your browser. These apps also have built-in text and video capabilities that allow you to share your experience with other people.

5. Play games online

Playing games isn’t only for kids. Some games allow a multiplayer online experience regardless of how good you are physically. Gaming can help you bond in a positive way. Some games have multiple teams, and you can partner with your friend. The collaboration works best with partners who know each other. Some online games are guaranteed to bring you and your friend together. You can also remotely open beers on the victory!

6. Have sincere conversations

When the online movie and gaming sessions have taken you back to the comfort space, it’s time to open up. You can start with some funny or embarrassing drunk stories. The first instance of shared laughter can get the ball rolling for the session. The next time when you recollect your online drinking session, you can laugh your hearts out about it! Maybe on one weekend, you plan on getting drunk together online!

7. Plan a visit

Once you’ve opened up, you can discuss your travel plans and wishes. Maybe if your friend lives in Singapore and you live elsewhere but have the time and resources. In this case, you can always plan a joint trip to a place like Vietnam, which has always been on your bucket list. That’ll give you the chance to enjoy your togetherness and share a similar excitement about the place.


Real friendships keep on flourishing no matter the distance or circumstances. All you should do is put in all your efforts to make the bond last a lifetime, only that!

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