Top Travel Destinations For Incredible Flowers

Flower tourism is prevalent, and multiple countries use their local blooms’ to draw millions of people to towns and lesser-known destinations each year. Plenty of iconic destinations will boast about their incredible gardens, fields, and parks that allow you to see local blooms, but our picks are the best of the best. Don’t miss out on these top flower-filled spots!

Sunflower Fields: Andalucia, Spain

The sunflower fields in southern Spain bloom and stick around from July to August. This field of gold rolls on for miles, and with no entrance fee, you can stay here for hours if the bees don’t bother you. You can purchase an arrangement of these flowers on sight, but if you can’t make it to Spain, buy from Bouqs, who can deliver a sunflower bouquet with same-day shipping.

English Countryside Bluebells: Dartmoor, England

Around May each year, the English Countryside will smell sweet thanks to the incredible aromatic scent of the bluebell. At Dartmoor National Park, plenty of visitors will come to the seemingly barren wasteland that turns to a sea of blue. Bluebells leave just as quickly as they come, so you’ll have to be incredibly lucky or timely to see these blue blooms in the moorland.

The Kaas Plateau: Satara, India

About an hour away from Satara and 161 miles from Mumbai is the Kaas Plateau that is virtually uninhabited except for some local villagers who live amongst the Western Ghats hill range. Only 3 thousand visitors are allowed in the plateau per day, so you’ll need to purchase a ticket to see white, blue, pink, and yellow wildflowers. Visit The Kaas Plateau between August-October.

Shikisai no Oka: Hokkaido, Japan
Hokkaido is a province located in the northernmost part of Japan and takes 18 hours by car and only 4 hours by train from Tokyo Station. Although the Province is known for its great skiing and snowy landscapes, the lesser-known Shikisai no Oka flower farm contains a mix of blooms from all over Japan, and it only costs 2 dollars to visit during the Spring, Summer, or Fall seasons.

Vík Lupines: Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland

The Iceland lupine flower was brought over from Alaska in the 19th century to cure the soil erosion problem the country was facing at the time. Not only did it work, but the lupines thrived across the country and are now considered an important tourist attraction for visitors. The Snaefellsnes Peninsula comes alive with purple flowers that bloom early Spring until July.

Rapeseed Fields: Xinghua, China

Although this oil-producing flower has an unfortunate name, in Xinghua, China, these gorgeous yellow blooms are only viewable once a year in April. If you manage to make it to Xinghua, you’ll be welcomed by kind, humble townsfolk who are very accommodating. You can reach Xinghua from Changzhou or Nanjing in 2-2.5 hours by car ride. The track is more than worth it.

Sun Moon Lake Lilies: Nantou, Taiwan

If you’re in or around central Taiwan, take a detour towards Sun Moon Lake. To get here, it will take 3 hours by car from Taipei, or almost 7 hours from Hualien, but taxis and trains are available, and accommodations are plenty. To see the Sun Moon Lake lilies bloom in yellow, red, and orange colors, you’ll have to visit between early August and early September.

Lavender Fields of Province: Notre-Dame de Sénanque, France
The lavender fields of Province are known the world over for their incredible smell, rich purple color, and beautiful scenery. One of the best spots to view these beauties is in Notre-Dame de Sénanque, a fully operational Abby that’s existed for almost 1000 years. You’ll feel a sense of serene as you walk through the fields on hot days, as lavender produces a calming effect.

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