Top Tips to Sell Your Car

When it comes to selling your car, the process can often seem quite daunting. Selling privately or to the trade is one of the first considerations to think about. In addition, most people tend to sell their car to part fund their next vehicle, so it makes sense to opt for a strategy that gives you the best price on your sale and offers you the most suitable avenue to purchase your next car. This situation can grow even more complex when you are selling a higher-priced luxury car or exotic sports car. Typically, you will have a smaller market of buyers to sell to and the process may take longer. The same applies when buying a higher-priced vehicle as you have fewer sellers at your disposal. In this article, some of the key tactics are discussed to ensure that you sell your car with confidence and get the best possible price for it.

Know Your Car’s True Value

It is easy to walk into a car dealership and engage in negotiations with a trader only to be told that your car is worth significantly less than you thought it was. The importance of learning about your car’s true value cannot be underestimated as it can make the difference between hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your final price. One of the best ways to check your car’s current value is to look on large-scale vehicle selling platforms such as where you can see what other sellers are asking for their similar model vehicles. Consider the condition, age and mileage of your car and try and find similar examples. It is worth printing off some pages of these search results that show the prices of similar age and condition models and arming yourself with this proof when you visit your car dealership.

Selling High-Value Cars

When you are selling a high-performance, prestige or exotic car, your target market of buyers will be far smaller than it would be for common cars. In such cases, it is likely that your sale will also go to fund your next high-value vehicle in part. This can make for a longer timescale to ensure that you get the best price for your old car before scouring prestige dealerships and private traders for your next car. In these circumstances, it makes sense to research dealerships that specialize in flipping exotic cars and who can use their contacts to ensure that you get a competitive price for your luxury vehicle without waiting several months to close the deal.

Do Not Forget the Basics

With all the above being said, it makes sense to remember the basics before any car sale. Give your car a thorough clean and valet inside and out. Take care of any minor scratches or imperfections with your car’s exact shade of touch-up paint. Aim to get it looking in the best possible condition that you can. A few hours spent giving it some TLC and getting everything gleaming can immediately create a positive impression on any potential buyer. Conversely, a car that is offered for sale dirty and with scratches will turn buyers away or result in lower offers being made.

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