TOP Purple Lamps in 2021

Purple is one of the hottest colors when it comes to interior design and style this year.

When you don’t want to change your entire interior to fit in with the latest interior design trends, it’s a good idea to focus on adding smaller items. That way, you do what interior design like to call “accent” a trend. Your home will stay transitional and when the trend changes, all you have to do is to change minor details.

A great way to keep on top of trends is by changing your interior lighting. For instance, a purple lamp looks good in almost any homes.

The choice of purple lamps is rather unlimited this year. You can choose large or small, or opt for a ceiling or floor purple lamp.

The Health Benefits Of The Color Purple

Did you know that the color purple is associated with a range of health benefits? Today we have too much blue light in our lives. We are always looking at electronic screens that omit blue light that can damage our eyes and alter our brain chemistry.

Purple light helps to calm the mind and nervous system. Many people who suffer from fibromyalgia say that they feel better when their lights are fitted with purple shades. It is well-known that purple light helps you to fall asleep.

It is said that house plants also grow better in purple light. Yet another reason to buy a purple lamp or two.

But, you really don’t need an excuse to buy a purple lamp? Purple is just a stunning color no matter what.

Large Purple Table Lamp

When you are going for more of an impact statement, don’t only choose a purple lampshade. Why not go for a lamp that has purple part of its stand.

A beautiful lamp with round circular diamanté shapes will further enhance the effect of purple in your home. This purple lamp picks up the light beautifully and the circular purple shapes reflect the light. It will look stunning on a table or side board.
Small Purple Lamp

Don’t have room for a large purple table lamp? We do have to remember that many of us live in smaller homes these days. But, you should not make that an excuse for not owning a purple lamp.

This petite purple lamp would look great on a side table or greeting you in the hall when you come home from work.
If you have a small table on your landing or in a dark hall, why not let it light up the space.

What About A Purple Ceiling Light?

When you want to bathe a room in purple light, this fuchsia inspired ceiling light, is a must-have.

It is probably not right for your living room or den, but it would certainly look great in your dining room. You can easily accessorize this light when you want to further emphasize that purple tone.

Place a couple of purple flowers on the table or why invest in some sheer purple drapes? The effect would be pretty amazing and help your dinner guests to relax.

A range of other exciting accessories are also available such as plates and napkins. If you are already the proud owner of nice white plates, you can always buy purple under plates to bring out the purple notes in the room.
Floor Lamps Are In

As you probably know tall floor lamps are really in this year. This purple floor lamp is both modern and retro, which is the one of the best living room lamps in 2021

Once again, it is one of those lamps that you can easily accessorize. Place it next to a sofa and then add a couple of purple cushions to the sofa. If you feel the chill in the evening, the addition of a purple blanket or spread would also look great.

You could even add a purple rug and really pick up that daring purple color.

We are often afraid to change the decoration of our homes. However, when you only change a few objects, there is no reason why you should be afraid. All you are doing is keeping up with the changes in style and interior design.

If you change the same items next year, you will easily have once again refreshed your home and interior without it costing you a fortune. But this year, you must have at least one purple lamp in your home.

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