Top innovations that will change the healthcare industry

Health is an essential part of people’s lives, as it correlates with people’s self-esteem, well-being and success. If healthy, people will not have chronic or long-term illnesses, stay in good shape, feel good about how they are as a person, hence, be successful in what they are doing. Nowadays, advanced technology offers many devices that help preserve good health and promote the development of the healthcare system. Electric dehumidifiers and the cheapest 3D printers are some of those.

1) Electric dehumidifiers

People spend most of their time indoors: house, office, educational center, gym, cafe, so on. What may sound surprising is that indoor air is usually more polluted than outdoor air. It is no secret that polluted air can threaten people’s health; that is why it is important to make sure that the air indoors is clean. Electric dehumidifiers can be an excellent aid in that case. Dehumidifiers clean the air from the particles of dust, irritants, and allergens that are not seen with the naked eye. This results in an environment that is healthier to breathe in. Such an environment is especially beneficial to people who have asthma (having narrow or swelling airways that produce extra mucus, resulting in difficult breathing, cough, or wheeze) or COPD (“chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,” a lung condition that makes breathing harder), as clean air helps the healing of these conditions. Also, a dehumidifier cleans mold, to which such insects as silverfish, cockroaches, and spiders are attracted, hence excluding the appearance of those insects. It is important to ensure that those insects are eliminated, as their inflicting bites can transmit dangerous bacteria and various diseases.

Last but not least, a dehumidifier also reduces skin irritation, hence reducing the risk of having such skin problems as acne, skin breakouts, or eczema. Overall, electric dehumidifiers help improve the troubled respiratory system, exclude dust, mold, and various insects, and take care of people’s skin. In addition, it is helpful for people to maintain comfort and a feeling of ease when indoors.

2) 3D printers

As already discussed, people need to take care of their health. But, it is also the governments’ concern to ensure its citizens’ health is in a good state. Having healthy citizens means having workers and students who are more productive, hence better for the country’s growth and development. That is why the healthcare system is so vital. It is equally essential to have equipment that will promote the health care system’s development. 3D printers are some of the equipment that benefits the medical industry. With the help of a 3D printer, the digital 3D drawing is converted into real objects constructed from thin layers cut horizontally. Hence, the printer can create models that look realistic and mimic real parts of the human body. Thus, medical students who are getting prepared for future operations can train and practice on 3D-printed organs. This will make the operation process more accurate and effective. It will ensure that future doctors are more skilled and confident in what they are doing. 3D printers also allow having printed medical equipment and prosthetics. This can be especially beneficial to countries that are not financially advanced. With the help of 3D printers, countries can recreate the necessary equipment which doctors can use while performing serious operations. They can also print more accessible prosthetics with whatever design, size, form, shape, and color they need. The printed equipment and prosthetics can be a lifesaver for some patients and improve their life for the better. One specific case for using 3D printed prosthetics is war inclined countries. There, the necessity for low-cost prosthetics is more. But, cheap 3D printers can create affordable and accessible prosthetics for those who are injured.

Electric dehumidifiers and 3D printers will become a vital part of people’s lives and the medical industry.

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