Top Aspects to Consider While Looking to Set Up a Small Business Office in Del Mar

Del Mar is all set to have positive future job growth in the coming decade, about 34%. Thanks to San Diego county initiatives, like the $17 million small business stimulus program, the prospects are excellent.

While big companies like Qualcomm, Intuit and Sony Electronics define Del Mar’s economy, the Californian city also promotes small businesses. If you wish to pursue a successful small-scale venture in this beach town, you need a sophisticated workspace, which you can realize by hiring a Del Mar office rental expert.

Here are the top features that they would recommend you to consider while setting up your small business office in Del Mar:

Right Location

Del Mar is home to the nation’s only seaside racetrack; it presents the finest beaches, including the Torrey Pines State Beach. The Del Mar Fairgrounds deserves a special mention; it hosts the satellite wagering facility Surfside Race Place and Antique Show every year. While you can fulfill your shopping aspirations at Del Mar Highlands Town Center, the city presents fantastic restaurants, including Addison and Arterra.

Top rental experts offer office spaces for lease or sale in the city center at walking distance to most of its highlights, such as the PowerHouse Park. The centralized location can bring your more customers, thus helping you grow your business.

And, when you have your office at a location with immediate access to, say, Solana Beach Station and I-5, it makes your employees’ daily commute easier.

Perfect Size with the Right Floor Plan

Leading professionals in Del Mar offer about 40,000 square feet of office building with a well-thought floor plan. They offer over 100 units, ranging from 2,000 to 4,300 square feet.

With the right office space size and floor plan, you can ensure at least 70 square feet of floor space for each resource in your firm, dedicated meeting and recreation areas. Such features will provide increased productivity and business growth.

Excellent Prospects for Expansion

Construction, professional, scientific, and technical services count as the top employment sectors in Del Mar, making up about 37% of its workforce.

If you have a startup in any of these industries, you have excellent scope for expanding your business in Del Mar. And so, it makes more sense to look for a Del Mar office space with growth potential, matching your company’s success down the line. Leading rental specialists offer expansive outdoor space and social distancing design plans to suit the current norms.

Adequate Storage Options

Together, the UC San Diego and San Diego State University have a global company size of over 10,000 employees. These institutions present excellent job opportunities to Del Mar locals, making them the top employers in the beach city.

If your small firm has business dealings with such institutions, like providing them book stock, you would need sufficient storage space for your inventory. Ensure the office space offers secure storage space solutions to stash all your goods in the vicinity. Check if the rental agency provides storage options with adequate maneuvering space.

Excellent Amenities

Considering South Beach, the most-visited surfing spots are 11th and 15th street. These locations thrive on swells in the range of 220-280 degrees, with tides below 4 feet.

Even if you have a small business, its success relies on your employee satisfaction. Being a beach city, your workers could be passionate surfers, a surfboard/bike storage and shower facilities can impress them. Look for other amenities, like on-site food and coffee, creative office space with a two-story direct access walk-up, which can surely keep your team happy.

This is where the Hadrian Partitions come into play; they offer flexible, stylish dividers that can transform any open space into a private surf planning area or a quiet work zone. Plus, their eco-friendly design aligns with the sustainability values of many surf enthusiasts. Remember, a comfortable and engaging workspace is not just about facilities, but also about creating an atmosphere where employees feel valued and inspired.

Sophisticated Parking Facility

Typically, in Del Mar, you will find four parking spaces per 1,000 square feet. On the other hand, according to Del Mar EV Charging Fee and EV Commuting Incentive Program, the City Council has fixed the EVC Fee of $0.35 kWh for the first three hours. And after three hours, it has set the price at $0.70 kWh.

There should be abundant surface parking space and several electric car-charging stations to accommodate your growing customer base and organization.

Improved Covid-19 Handling Capabilities

As per the latest statistics, the total number of COVID-19 cases in Del Mar is in the range of 1-1,399. The office space you choose should be well-equipped to handle the pandemic situation.

Top professionals present lease options with exterior entries rather than enclosed hallways and restroom access from common outdoor space as precautionary measures. Ensure there is excellent circulation with operable windows and independent HVAC systems to keep a tab on COVID-19 spread.

Final Thoughts

By May 2020, the County Board of Supervisors in California voted to approve a set of guidelines for small, low-risk businesses to operate in the time of the pandemic. With the recommendations in place, it is best to engage a reputable agency to rent a Del Mar office space with all the essential features required to achieve your business goals.

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