Thrill-seekers, adventurers, adrenaline junkies and those of you that are just purely insane! I bring to you some of the most mind-blowing, fantastic, completely mad and utterly crazy activities and trips from around the world that will leave your eyeballs glued to the back of your head, make your knees turn into Jell-O and force your adrenal glands into overload. Ready for it? Here are the 10 most adrenaline pumping activities and trips in the world.

Mt. Huashan Climb, China

Situated in Huayin, 120km east of ancient Xian, Mt. Huashan is considered to be one of five sacred mountains in China. We agree and respect the fact that they are sacred but upon witnessing this place, the word “scared” – out of your mind – comes to thought. The Mt. Huashan climb is considered to be one of the most treacherous and outrageous journeys that one can make. You start off at the “Heavenly Stairs” which takes you to the “Huashan Plank Walk”; imagine a meter wide plank (sometimes interchanged for nothing but a toe hole), chains to hold onto and nothing else but sweating palms as you gaze over the beauty that Mt. Huashan… Sound OK? Well, allow into your imagination that under said plank, there is nothing but a couple of thousand feet drop and one slip could be the end of you! Not to worry though; if you do survive the trip to the summit intact, you’ll be greeted by a tea house. Sure, we’ll have some tea; we almost died! Like I said, “Treacherous and outrageous”. Heart skip a beat yet? Stay tuned.

Royal Gorge Bridge Bungee Jump in Canon City, Colorado

Royal Gorge Bridge Bungee Jump in Canon City, Colorado
Well, at the previous attraction we were holding on for dear life with our knees shaking, palms sweating and saliva dried up but in this one we are about to take a dive; a dive into the air that is! Welcome to Royal Gorge Bridge Bungee Jump that’s held once a here at the GO Fast! Games. This bungee jump is the highest in the world with a stomach churning 800 foot (321 meter) jump. So get ready, head to Canon City, get your feet strapped, jump, spread your arms, fly like a bird – or rather drop like a stone – and pray to every and any deity out there that the cord doesn’t snap and your bladder stays intact. Can you feel that rush?

The L2 Double Loop Water Slide at Wave in Worgl, Austria

L2 Double Loop Water Slide at Wave in Worgl, Austria
Now this is one that we found so unique that you can’t help and think, “Which maniac designed this thing?”. Now imagine stepping into a capsule 25 metres up in the air and it closes over you like some cryogenic chamber straight out of a sci-fi movie but then you hear a clink, a trap door opens up under you and you are in a near free fall for 14 metres and your body is rushing through the tube at almost 65 km/h, suddenly you feel tremendous pressure as you reach 2.5 G’s and you’re in the first loop; you go up and you go down again thinking that it’s over but oh no, not yet. You hit the second loop, your mind’s in a flurry, your body a bullet and you wizz through it at what feels to be the speed of light and suddenly you’re shot out the end with your heart beating out of your chest. This one is not for the faint-hearted.

The Running of The Bulls in Pamplona, Spain

Pamplona Spain Bull Run
Well, what can we say? The Spanish seem to be quite insane since they have two of the most adrenaline pumping activities on this blog. Held once a year in Pamplona, Spain you better don those running shoes and make sure the laces are tied up well because, before you know it, you have six crazed charging bulls that are frothing at the mouth at your tail. This activity is held annually and is definitely one that should be experienced. Take care however; there are injuries every year because of, well, you know, a crazy mini-herd of manic beasts charging at you with their horns aimed directly at your soft parts.

Shark Diving in Cape Town, South Africa

Shark diving in South Africa
Ah yes, South Africa, the country made famous by Mandela, gold and Biltong but they do have pretty awesome activities and we present to you Shark Diving. Held all year round in various spots through Cape Town, this is one that should not be missed. You go out to sea with a buckets of chum sloshing next to you, you ready your swimming gear well knowing that you are about to plunge into shark-infested waters lured by the scent of blood. Oh yes, they are hungry, have no doubt about that. They lower the cage and tell you that it’s your turn, you take the plunge and as soon as you open your eyes, you are surrounded by killers of the ocean. Even though the presence of a cage does alleviate some worry, we can guarantee that you’ll be praying because the only question that runs through your mind as the sharks come closer for a nibble is, “What if this cage has a fault?” We can assure that a nibble will end in the loss of certain much needed extremities.

Camino Del Rey Hike in El Chorro, Spain

As said earlier, the Spanish are fairly crazy and here’s the second reason why. Camino Del Rey located just outside El Chorro is an abandoned trail that was used to transport equipment and facilitate inspections with the construction of the hydroelectric plant at Chorro Falls. However, this trail has been long abandoned and fallen into disarray which is where the adrenaline factor comes in. Constructed along the sides of a steep and narrow gorge this is one of the most dangerous hiking trails in the world since one step misplaced and you can be assured that your life will play before your eyes as you take the long journey down to kiss the ground. Huge parts of the trail have completely fallen apart and it always makes you wonder about that next step and if it can take your weight. You will be sweating bullets the entire time, guaranteed.

Halo Skydive in Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii filled with white sand beaches, humongous waves, slightly distasteful flowered shirts and surfers obsessed with the words, “Groovy man.” but in Oahu they offer a one of a kind activity that will have you shaking, praying and cursing all the way as you wonder what on earth you are doing there. Firstly, you need to dress warm because the temperature there can be as low as -25 degrees centigrade and, get this, you will have oxygen supplied to you on your journey because your destination is an astonishing 20,000 feet up in the air and then you take the leap while gravity compels you towards itself like bad fast food. The “Halo” Skydive is one of those experiences that’s so charged you will have it seared into your memory as your adrenal glands scream, “No more!!” It should be a definite one on all of you adrenaline junkies bucket lists.

The Kingda Ka roller coaster in New Jersey, America

Located at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey be ready to be blasted away from 0-128  miles per hour in an eyeball popping 3.5 seconds but not too worry, that’s not the best part; all of this acceleration is needed to take you up 45 stories (456 feet) at a 90 degree angle. Once you get to the top and you check if you’re still intact and your bladder has not failed you, you realize that what comes up has to come down and that’s where you start praying as you take the 90 degree descent accompanied by a 270 degree swirl that will have you clinging on for dear life! The Kingda Ka roller coaster is the tallest and the fastest in North America so why not go and give it a try.

Pororoca Amazon Surfing in Cutias, Brazil

I bet you’re thinking, “Amazon and surfing? Well, that doesn’t sound quite right.” and we completely agree. That’s what makes this adrenaline pumping activity so special and unique. A “pororoca” is a tidal bore that has ridiculous waves that reach up to 4 meters high and if you said that “Amazon” and “surfing” don’t go together, well, here’s something else about it-a pororoca can travel a mind-bending 800 km inland since they exclusively go upstream. In other words, you’ll be surfing a never-ending wave and where the danger and thrill comes in is that you will be dodging debris the entire way; think, complete trees that stand between glory and sudden annihilation. The best time to go is during the lunar equinox in the rainy season but the pororoca occurs every month for up to ten days between full moon and new moon. You will be able to surf for 40 minutes or more if you’re fit enough.

Hang Gliding in Interlaken, Switzerland

There’s nothing quite like hang-gliding and being able to see the world from a bird’s viewpoint. Sure, the danger is always there that something might go wrong and your adrenaline will always be pumping but this is definitely a mellow experience that needs to witnessed first hand as you soar through the heavens instead of plummeting like a rock. There are many great places that one can go hang-gliding but we chose Interlaken in Switzerland purely for the aesthetics and uniquity of being able to fly over amazing views of the Alps. Also, just to make sure, please do tie your harnesses properly otherwise your wonderful glide may just become a horror flight.

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