Usually defined as responsible travelling to pristine natural areas which doesn’t harm natural environments and may have an educational purpose, ecotourism is actually sustainable travelling and a rapidly growing trend in the tourism industry. It gained tremendous popularity among nature and travel lovers, which resulted in the development of many environmentally oriented resorts. This is the list of the best ones in the world:

1. Swiss Alps – Whitepod Resort

Whitepod Resort

The Whitepod Resort includes 15 pods which are fully sustainable and comfortable to stay in

The Whitepod Resort is situated in the village of Les Cerniers, on the slopes of the Dents-du-Midi mountain range, and it includes 15 geodetically-shaped dome pods, specifically designed to provide a high level of comfort and sustainability.

Each pod features a sustainable exterior and tremendously comfortable and stylish indoor space heated with wooden stoves which provide a relaxing and cozy ambient. Truly committed to nature, this resort offers a wide range of eco-friendly outdoor activities, such as mountain biking, skiing on the resort’s own ski slopes, dog sledding, paragliding with certified pilots, but also a number of indoor treatments including Ayurveda and aromatic massages.

2. Sweden, Reflective Tree Hotel

Reflective Tree Hotel

Suspended 6m above ground, the rooms of the Reflective Tree Hotel can accommodate up to 4 people

Tucked in the middle of the magnificent natural surroundings of Northern Sweden, are the contemporary tree rooms of the Reflective Tree Hotel, completely wrapped in mirrors and unspoiled pine forest environment.

Those fascinating “tree nests” are suspended 4-6m above ground and include modern, custom-designed interior and eco-friendly amenities for up to 4 people. The resort also includes rustic Eco saunas in the woods, while guests can try anything from Nordic ski touring and forest spas to ice fishing.

3. Costa Rica, Tree house

Tree house

Accommodation of this type and the amenities they offer make them perfect for hosting both couples and families

This tree house complex lies within the serene natural ambient of Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge, a step away from Punta Uva, the most beautiful beach in Costa Rica.

Perched on wooden stilts in a dense forest, with double beds, a kitchen and small toilet, romantic wooden tree houses are ideal for families and couples. The resort offers unique jungle fitness sessions, personalized and group yoga classes, tours through Cahuita National Park, jungle canopy tour, etc.

4. Tahiti and Bora Bora – Overwater bungalows

Overwater bungalows

Each one of these bungalows was made using only natural materials in a traditional style

Known as “Romantic Island” and one of the most luxurious places in the world, Tahiti, as well as its neighboring island Bora Bora host beautiful bungalow resorts nested in the paradisiacal lagoon environment.

Built exclusively from natural materials, traditional-style huts lie above pristine lagoons and combine luxury, comfort and sustainability. Each bungalow resort features a modern and functional interior, stunning glass-floors and includes special experiences such as outrigger canoe breakfast delivery, snorkeling, diving, shark and ray watching excursions, etc.

5. Thailand, Koh Lipe – Castaway Resort

Castaway Resort

The bungalows of Castaway Resort are spacious and comfortable enough to let you have an extremely relaxing stay

On the east coast of the beautiful Thai island Koh Lipe is a bungalow-based eco resort designed in traditional Thai building style and made of natural hardwoods and local thatch.

With a radiant beach in front of the bungalows, comfy balconies, spatial rooms, a massage center and deck-inspired beach restaurant, this resort offers full enjoyment as a truly natural experience.

Guests are recommended to try snorkeling and kayaking. For the full experience one should definitely try diving in Koh Lipe which is among the most beautiful diving destinations in the world.

6. Fiji – Turtle Island

Turtle Island

The luxurious Fijian villas, known as bures, could provide you with the best amenities Turtle Island has to offer

The whole area of the privately owned Turtle Island in Fiji was turned into a comfy eco-resort which consists of 14 hand-crafted Fijian villas called bures.

The entire resort is based on an authentic Fijian design and natural materials from the island, while villas feature luxurious, breezy interiors, sleeping, bathing and dressing areas, bar with drinks and iPhone docking stations. Guests are offered a Fijian Bobo massage, groceries from local gardens, private beach renting and outdoor activities such as windsurfing, sailing and horseback riding.

7. Zambia, Tongabezi


Spending your vacation in this resort will expose you to the beauty of Zimbabwe’s nature

With precious materials incorporated in stylish furniture and the exterior of cottages facing the coast of the powerful Zambezi River, Tongabezi resort provides the luxury of being in the middle of fascinating and unspoiled African nature.

Cottages and houses are equipped with modern amenities, including open-air bath tubs and private dining terraces, while guests can book boat trips to Livingstone Island, excursion to nearby Victoria Falls, exclusive camp on the Zambezi River or stay on the private island of Sindabezi.

Hidden in the world’s most beautiful natural environments, from the wild jungles to pristine beaches, these eco-resorts present an eco-friendly way to introduce all beauties provided to us by Mother Nature.

Article was written by Jebiga fan and contributor Nicole Noel

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