6 Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets Available On The Market

Everyone that has ever ridden a motorcycle, at least once in their life, can attest that there is no feeling quite like it. When you reach a certain speed, your focus becomes crystal clear, your senses become enhanced, you lose track of time and you glide through the world in your own personal zone. However, when it comes to riding, safety is the most important aspect that needs to be taken care of and if you haven’t found what you are looking for in our best motorcycle helmets lists, then perhaps these lightweight carbon fiber helmets will suit your needs. Carbon fiber helmets also have a multitude of benefits compared to their counterparts that you should check out.

AGV AX-8 Evo Naked Road Carbon

AGV AX-8 Evo Naked Carbon Helmet with white background

Looking like something out of the Halo franchise, this helmet is constructed out of both Kevlar and Carbon fiber which ensures ultimate impact deflection.

We wrote about this helmet’s non-carbon counterpart earlier but it’s just so awesome that we had to add the AGV AX-8 Evo Naked Carbon version. Constructed out of carbon fiber and Kevlar, this helmet is lightweight at 3.19lbs but still super strong. It’s also the racing version of the DS Evo which means that it has had its peak removed which dramatically reduces drag while increasing aerodynamics and decreasing buffeting. It also features an integrated ventilation system that’s comprised of 3 front vents, 1 top vent and 2 extractor vents; these combined give you an incredible amount of air flow that keeps you head cool and dry while giving you plenty of fresh air.

It also comes with a flat polycarbonate, non-scratch and antifog faceshield and the interior is made from Dry-Lex that has moisture wicking properties as well as sanitizing treatment. You can remove the interior for washing. This helmet is DOT certified and looks undeniably awesome.

BUY – $499.95

Nexx XR2 Carbon Pure Helmet

Nexx XR2 Carbon Pure with white background

The entire shell of this helmet is constructed out of carbon fiber that reduces its weight to only 2.75lbs.

Nexx has long been a household name when it comes to quality and reliable motorcycle helmets and they certainly did not skimp with the XR2 Carbon Pure. The entire shell of the Carbon Pure is constructed out of Carbon fiber which means that this helmet only weighs 2.75lbs. The two top vents have been designed to not only reduce noise levels but also ensure proper and constant airflow while you are riding to keep your face cool.

This helmet also features a 3-density EPS foam layer that helps to absorb and deflect any impacts that might strike the helmet and the interior is constructed out of moisture wicking CoolMax 3D which is removable and washable. The visor is an anti-scratch Lexan Polycarbonate that is flattened and race ready while the aerodynamic profile and spoiler reduces buffeting at high speed riding. The XR2 also boasts one of the widest fields of vision in a helmet and is both ECE and DOT compliant.

BUY – $549.95

Simpson M30 Bandit

Simpson M30 Bandit Carbon helmet with white background

This helmet has a unique ventilation system that sits at the bottom of the helmet instead of at the top. It’s also extremely lightweight at only 2.5 lbs.

Looking like a helmet straight out of some space suit or apocalyptic world, the Simpson M30 Bandit is bound to turn heads no matter where you go. The entire shell of the M30 is constructed out of carbon fiber which gives this helmet and extremely lightweight of only 2.5lbs while still being durable and strong enough to deflect impacts. The interior is lined with CoolMax which is both moisture wicking and sanitary while being removable so that you can wash it every now and then.

The lining of the helmet is constructed out EPS foam that helps to absorb impacts in the event of a collision. Instead of having ventilation vents at the top of the helmet, the M30 features them at the bottom and this ensures that you get a lot of fresh air while riding. The visor also has a “free stop” feature that allows you to leave the visor in any position that you would like it in. This helmet is DOT compliant.

BUY – $599.95

AGV Pista GP Valentino Rossi Replica

AGV Pista GP Valentino Rossi replica helmet with white background

This helmet is an exact replica of the famous motorcyclist Valentino Rossi and is one of the safest helmets on the market.

Valentino Rossi has been named as the best motorcycle racer in history numerous times, so why shouldn’t you own a complete Carbon Fiber replica of his? As part of AGV’s Extreme Standards Helmets project, it’s easy to see why the Pista GP is one of the safest and most comfortable helmets on the market. Constructed completely out of carbon fiber, this helmet only weighs 3.38lbs. The intake vents have been boosted and ensures that ventilation has been optimized to keep your face cool and dry while letting in loads of fresh air.

The inner features a concave 3D shape that allows for an extremely comfortable fit and the material is breathable Lycra micro-porous lining and CoolMax Dry-comfort fabric that has undergone sanitizing treatment. The internal padding is removable and washable. The visor is a non-scratch RACE 2 flat with a wide field of vision and is completely protectant against UV radiation. The GP Pista is also unique in the fact that its HIC limit is 48% below the required limit of ECE regulations which makes it one of the safest helmets on the market. Besides, it looks like Rossi’s very own!

BUY – $1399.95

Icon Airframe Ghost Carbon

Icon Airframe Ghost Carbon on white background

The Ghost Carbon helmet is constructed out of handmade 4Tress Aero-space grade carbon fiber and the Tracshield is race ready out of the box.

Icon is a well-known name with racing helmets and the Ghost Carbon is just that. Designed for the modern high-speed rider, the Ghost Carbon features a handmade 4Tress aero-space grade carbon fiber shell that dramatically reduces both drag and weight (it only weighs 3.37lbs). This helmet also has a reduced shell profile which means that there is less buffeting and the Tracshield means that your visor is race ready straight out of the box.

The sculpted neck roll reduces jacket interference while the linear ported forehead vents ensure excellent ventilation. Opting for a 5-piece modular interior instead of 3, the Ghost Carbon is an extremely comfortable and well-fitted helmet and to top this all off, it’s made from moisture wicking HydraDry that is both removable and washable. The faceshield is fog-free and features a rapid-release system and a Prolock positive shield locking system. This helmet also comes with track recognized ECE ratings, DOT compliancy as well as SAI and SG ratings.

BUY – $500

Joe Rocket Speedmaster Carbon Helmet

Joe Rocket Speedmaster Carbon Helmet with white background

Bringing a classic look to carbon, the Speedmaster Carbon features a 4 x 4 carbon fiber weave structure.

The Joe Rocket Speedmaster Carbon brings the classic helmet look to the game and throws a twist in with its carbon form. It features a full 4 x 4 ultra-lightweight carbon fiber weave shell that has been fitted with a dual density EPS impact absorbing liner. The entire helmet only weighs 3.27lbs. By using advanced CAD specifications, this helmet delivers both comfort and a superior fit while the Quadport 2.0 ventilation system – which features 2 large front intake vents and an exhaust spoiler – allows for supreme aerodynamics as well as the ability to lift moisture and humidity up and out of the helmet.

The integrated rear spoiler reduces buffeting at high speed riding and the visor has a removable air-guide system for reduced fogging. The interior of the Speedmaster Carbon is made from QwikDry which is moisture wicking, removable and washable. This helmet meets or exceeds both Snell and DOT requirements.

BUY – $349.99

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