Top 5 Rowing Machines Under $1000

Winter is coming to an end and with summer just around the corner, it’s time to get out of hibernation and work on getting that ripped summer body. So, we went out and scoured the market to find you the 5 best rowing machines that are all under $1000 to make sure that you don’t break the bank. If you do decide to purchase one of these rowing machines, we highly suggest that you try out this indoor rowing machine workout by Men’s Health that will get you bulked up in no time and for the rowing enthusiasts, this workout will also ensure that you have peak performance out in the water. So, without further ado, here’s our list of the top 5 rowing machines for under $1000.

1 – Concept 2 Model D Rowing Machine

Concept 2 Model D Rowing Machine

Concept 2 Model D Rowing Machine features a performance monitor.

The Concept 2 Model D is an incredible machine in terms of quality and efficacy – the manufacturers claim that it is the best indoor rowing machine in the world and it’s not difficult to imagine since it got 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon with 711 customer reviews. What makes the Model D so special is its simple design that focus on giving you a full-body and yet, low impact workout. The flywheel has been manufactured to minimize noise while still giving you that smooth rowing sensation. What also sets it aside from other rowers is the fact that Concept 2 incorporated their most advanced training monitor – Performance Monitor 5 (PM 5)– that gives you invaluable info on every stroke that you make. The PM 5 also allows you to upload your workout info to USB so that you can review it and gauge your performance on a PC with previous workout logs. The flywheel damper is adjustable to any difficulty that you need and anyone can use this machine since it features adjustable foot rests. Concept 2 understands that many people don’t have a large area for a gym machine so they constructed it to break down into two parts for storage and moving it around is a breeze with the built-in trolley wheels. It measures in at 96 x 24 x 14 inches but can handle a user weight 500 lbs.

BUY | $900

2 – Kettler Kadett Outrigger Style Rowing Machine

Kettler Kadett Outrigger Style Rowing Machine

This rowing machine has 12 resistance settings.

The Kettler Kadett looks quite different than its counterparts but it does this for one specific reason; it simulates water rowing oar-strokes with extreme accuracy. Besides, we couldn’t help but notice that it looks awesome. Instead of using magnets or the flywheel configuration to increase resistance, this machine uses two hydraulic pistons that has 12 different resistance settings. The Kettler Kadett also features rowing arms that increase the simulation of actually being in the water and it also has an outrigger design that is actually being used on many boats. The training computer is packed with useful info such as number of strokes, speed, distance covered, time, energy consumption and pulse rate, so that you know exactly what your output is. You can also set the computer to let you know when you have achieved your desired goal. Measuring in at 59 x 67 x 18 inches the Kettler Kadett is small enough to easily fit into your training room and yet, hefty enough to support a 250-pound body weight. The seat has been designed ergonomically and the rollers allow for a smooth slide while the adjustable foot-straps allow anyone to use it.

BUY | $593

3 – Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

You can choose one of 6 pre-set training regimes or set your own.

We’ve seen hydraulic pistons and we’ve seen the flywheel with damper configuration but this rower by Velocity Exercise works completely different by using a DMC (Drum Magnetic Control) system and electronic tension control allows you to seamlessly adjust the resistance that you need for your optimal workout. To cut down on weight, Velocity Exercise decided to use a durable and sturdy anodized aluminium for the frame and a large polyurethane seat allows you to have the utmost comfort during your training. The on-board monitor has specifically designed to be larger than most so that you don’t have any difficulty reading your training info. Some of the info that it provides is time, distance, calories, watts, pulse and strokes per minute but apart from that, the monitor also gives you 6 pre-set training regimes and the option to manually input your workout. We also thought that it’s pretty cool that they provide a heart-rate monitor strap so that you can keep your heart-rate in check at all times – especially useful with HIIT training. This machine measures in at 45 x 30 x 11 inches but is foldable to save space and has a carrying capacity of 275 lbs.

BUY | $550

4 – Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Rower

Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Rower

Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Rower includes a recumbent bicycle.

As a total body workout, rowing is an excellent option since it targets a variety of muscles that include your biceps, triceps, abdominals, chest, back and, to some extent, even your legs. But to take this a little bit further, the creators of this rower incorporated something that we haven’t seen before by adding a recumbent bicycle into the mix. Pretty impressive, right? However, this isn’t merely 2 machines in 1 but rather, by using proper design, they managed to make it a 3-in-1. Firstly, they used a larger seat than you would normally see on a rower; obviously this makes it somewhat more comfortable but they did this so that you can seamlessly move between rowing and cycling. The enhanced back support makes cycling a breeze compared to having no support. Apart from rowing and cycling, the designers cleverly created the Stamina Conversion so that you can stand and use the machine for upper body exercises such as bicep and forearm curls, triceps kickbacks and other exercises. They also provide a resistance cord that you can attach below the seat for light-resistance leg presses. This machine also offers 8 different levels of resistance and a multi-function monitor that tracks your progress and helps to keep you motivated. This machine measures 27 x 20 x 27 inches and can fold for easy storage.

BUY | $799

5 – ProRower H2O RX-750 Home Series Rowing Machine

ProRower H2O RX-750 Home Series Rowing Machine

ProRower H2O RX-750 Home Series Rowing Machine features a performance monitor and water tank with actual water inside.

With the Kettle Kadette we saw how they used an outrigger system to simulate actual rowing but it still used a mechanical system in the form of hydraulic pistons. So, to create a realistic sense of actually being in the water, the guys at ProRower actually went a step further with the RX-750 and utilized the innovative Hydro-Power Drive system that uses actual water as the main resistance mechanism. Instead of needing to make adjustments to a mechanical mechanism to increase the resistance, the RX-750 works by using rowing speed; by rowing faster or slower, this increases and decreases the resistance by using the water’s “natural adaptive resistance”. We also thought that it was pretty cool that this mechanism doesn’t just feel like you’re in the water when you row but it also gives you the auditory experience of rowing. The Hydro-Power Drive system uses a polycarbonate water tank and an internal paddle system that sits at your feet. The footrests can pivot and to ensure wrist comfort, they designed the handle to be ergonomic. The RX-750 also comes with a performance monitor that tracks your session with time, calories, 500-meter split time, strokes per minute and other valuable information. This machine also comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, three years on the tank and seals, and two years on all mechanical and non-wearing components. The RX-750 measures 78 x 20 x 22 inches and is foldable; when folded and standing upright it measures 20 x 21 inches. This machine has a carrying capacity of 350 pounds.

BUY | from $900

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