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Everyone who has gone camping at least once in their life knows that there’s nothing quite like it. Apart from all the amazing benefits that you get from spending outside, you get to connect with yourself, your friends, your family and nature. Another major point of camping is the fact that you can star-gaze but, alas, your star gazing times are cut short because it’s cold and you need to get into your tent. Luckily, these Top 5 Bubble Tents allow you to enjoy an unrestricted view while still in the comfort of your own bed.

Single Tunnel Inflatable Tent by Bubble Tents

Measuring in at 3 meters in diameter, this Bubble Tent by Bubble Tents is the perfect size for a family and can even fit between 4 to 6 people comfortably. Constructed out of 0.3mm PVC and a 0.8mm tarpaulin that had been heat welded, this bubble tent offers durability as well as still keeping your views pristine. To make sure that your bubble tent stays perfect, the company had even included a free repair kit and glue. However, they are so confident in their product that the bubble tent even comes with a 1-year warranty. As with the Holleyweb, this version comes with a blower and needs constant inflation but the blower is super quiet and will not disturb you in any way. If you were worried about stormy nights, there is no need since the Bubble Tent can withstand up to level 4 winds. It has been certified with EN71, ASTM, SGS and EN.

BUY – $1,495

Bubble Tent by Dreamland

Similar to the previous ones that were mentioned, the Bubble Tent by Dreamland offers a single tunnel for entrance and has a rather spacious dome area that can fit anywhere between 4 to 6 people comfortably. This means that if you just felt like spending a night outside with a loved one, you can easily place a bed on the inside and you can enjoy everything that the outdoors has to offer. This model is constructed out of 0.3mm PVC and the outside has been rated with a 2000 to 3000mm waterproof index so that you never have to worry about rain getting inside. This model also uses a blower that is placed outside to keep the entire dome inflated. So if you just need some time away from everyone or you have a romantic evening planned with your partner. This would be the bubble tent for you.

BUY ­- $1,398

Bubble Tent by Quality Inflatable

This Bubble Tent by Quality Inflatable measures in a 3 meters in diameter and 2 meters for the tunnel. Simply put, you can fit between 5 to 7 people comfortably and it is an excellent tent for the entire family. If you were worried about the blower that needs constant power, there is no need since the blower can be powered by a storage battery and, if you have it, it’s simple enough to keep the battery charged with a solar panel. The outside is constructed out of 0.5mm PVC and it also comes with a 0.5mm PVC tarpaulin to keep your bubble tent safe on any surface that you might want to place it. The outside is completely waterproof and flame-retardant and Quality Inflatable are throwing in a free repair kit in case of any small tears or pinholes. Once deflated, the entire bubble tent only measures 60 x 40 x 40 cm and it weighs 28kgs. It comes with EN71, ASTM, SGS and EN14960 certifications.

BUY – $980

Two-Tunnel Bubble Tent

This two-tunnel bubble tent is unique in the fact that instead of just having a singular entrance tunnel, this tent offers two and we couldn’t help but notice that it looks like something out of a Star Trek feature film. That being said, it looks awesome. Add a few lights, like those in the picture and you’re bound to be an attraction at a festival, parties or other get togethers. Not to mention that it is the perfect way to spend a romantic weekend with some bubbly. The outside is constructed out of 0.6mm fire-retardant PVC and 0.6mm tarpaulin for the bottom. This version also offers the double stitching on none-crucial joints and quadruple stitching on corners and high wear areas. The version is the biggest of them all, measuring in at an extremely spacious 5 meters in diameter and can easily fit anywhere between 6 to 8 people. The company that offers this tent also takes customized orders to suit your needs and, you are in need of an AC, there is a compatible exhaust port for the hot air.

BUY – $1,885

Inflatable Bubble Tent by Holleyweb

The Holleyweb Bubble Tent features the main dome and a tunnel for entry; both of these are completely clear which gives you an unprecedented view of the outside world while still being super comfy. However, it isn’t just for camping; it can also be used for trade shows, exhibitions, promotions etc. The material that they used is a 0.6 mm flame retardant PVC tarpaulin that has been double stitched on none crucial joints and quadruple stitched on the corners and heavy-wear joints to ensure that your bubble tent stays in one piece. It works by constant inflation via a blower that is kept outside in a wooden box for safety and it’s quite spacious at 12 feet (4 meters) in diameter which means that you would comfortably be able to fit bean bags, Lamzac or even a bed. If you’re using it in the winter, you could add a space heater to the inside as well. It also comes with CE, EN71, EN14960 and UL certification.

BUY – $1,475.50

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