Top 30 Snowboarding Boots For Men (PART 1)


Finding the right snowboard boots can be real tricky, especially if you don’t know what to look for. If you are a rookie in snowboarding, or if you just know too much about these boots to be realistic, we are here to help you decide this winter. Out of dozens of boots that came out and are yet to come out, we will pick the models that have the best characteristic – at least this will narrow your choices down.

What you need to think about when shopping for snowboard boots can be divided in three basic parts, according to Whitelines. Think about the flex, the features and the fit – and if you have to pick the most important thing out of these three, it is definitely the fit. It doesn’t really matter if the boots look amazing and have a super lacing system, liners and so on – if your legs feel like they will never function properly after wearing them, it’s time to say goodbye.

This is why we always recommend trying on the boots first – going to the local snowboard gear dealer and letting them help you decide which ones are the best for you. Measure your feet – this is the most important thing to do – and find the right fit. In the meantime, you can get informed about the best features from our list, so you can tell your dealer exactly what you are looking for. Go through our list, check out our suggestions – we are sure you are going to find something you like.

1 – Thirtytwo MTB Snowboard Boots

Thirtytwo MTB Snowboard Boots

With the help of Jeremy Jones, these boots got designed to have”the walk mode”, as well as waterproof lace covers.

Made with a little help from a snowboarding legend Jeremy Jones, the Thirtytwo MTB Snowboard Boots definitely have the upper hand when compared to many others. Jeremy showed to be a great adviser, coming up with a new feature called “the walk mode”, which is placed in the back of the boot and allows you to move normally when you’re not attached to your board. On the other hand, when doing the thing they are made to do, the boots are definitely not going to disappoint you. Jones’ experience showed to be very useful once more, when he thought of waterproof lace covers – preventing the boots from freezing at lower temperatures and making you regret you ever put them on.

The perfect combination of snowboarding and hiking boots, Thirtytwo MTB Snowboard Boots also feature a Vibram sole, as well as a progressive flex shank that makes it very stiff and offers great support for your feet. They will allow you to have a mind-blowing experience this winter, without the hassle of sleeping in your boots because the laces froze or going through the torture of walking through uneven terrains in boots that are not made for it.

BUY | $499.95

2 – Nike Zoom Kaiju Men’s Snowboard Boot

Nike Zoom Kaiju Mens Snowboard Boot

Use the Flywire webbing system to tighten these boots in just a few seconds.

For perfect stability up on the mountains, you need really good boots and Nike Zoom Kaiju Men’s Snowboard Boots are. There are many reasons you should pick them this winter – for example, its Nike Air cushioning system that will absorb the impact on your heel when landing, or its external TPU backstay that will last for a long time and hold your feet in place. Other than that, you can tighten them in a few seconds using the Flywire webbing system with neoprene eyestays and a flex notch, and its heat moldable liners will fit your feet ergonomically, providing the comfort you could need.

If you’re looking for firm, durable and comfortable boots to take snowboarding this winter – definitely consider Nike Zoom Kaiju Men’s Snowboard Boots. They will keep your feet warm using the Strobel heat technology and you don’t have to worry about twisted ankles. These boots are all about locking your feet in place and providing you a safe yet exciting experience on your snowboard.

BUY | $360

3 – DC Men’s Phase 15 Snowboard Boot

DC Men's Phase 15 Snowboard Boot

A very eye-catching design and the inside lined with faux fur – what more could you ask for?

A traditional, strong boot coming from DC will fulfill all your needs as a snowboarder. The DC Men’s Phase 15 Snowboard Boot is made of leather and the inside is lined with faux fur, keeping your legs warm and safe. The synthetic sole will give your legs just the right support, and you have to admit that they have a very eye-catching design. You simply won’t be able to get this quality for this price – that is for sure.

What customers do mention a lot in their reviews is the size: always take at least half a size or even a size bigger shoe to make sure they will fit you perfectly. Every snowboarder knows what a bummer it is when your boots don’t fit – you practically can’t do anything. On the bright side, the people over at DC are really friendly and always in the mood to help you out, so if your size doesn’t fit or something unexpected happens to your boots, they are more than willing to ship another pair at their own cost.

BUY | from $104.95

4 – DC Men’s Scout Snow Boot

DC Men's Scout Snow Boot

Boa H3 Coiler closure system is said to be very fast and effective.

Another pair of boots by DC offer the same quality and a similar price, and just like the previous one, it’s pretty hard to find the two to be in such a nice correlation. These are a bit more modern-looking, with a different closure system: Boa H3 Coiler is said to be a super-fast and super-effective way to tighten your boots in seconds. The lining comes in red color, which gives a special kick to the design.

DC Men’s Scout Snow Boots are sure to last a long time and they won’t disappoint you. They are a bit softer, but as you guys know, the softness of the boots is a personal choice of every snowboarder – so if you like them not so stiff, these are the right ones for you. With an undeniable comfort and a recognizable design, they are the perfect footwear for both freestylers and freeriders.

BUY | from $119.95

5 – Nike Lunarendor

Nike Lunarendor

The Lunarendor has it all: the 3D molded spine, customizable flex and the Strobel technology to keep your feet warm.

Nike really knows what a snowboarder needs when it comes to boots. The Lunarendor has it all – the design, the support, the modern approach, the customizable flex… but let’s go one by one. The 3D molded spine will provide the best feeling, that of support to your legs (and it’s not just a feeling). When it comes to flex, like we said before – it’s up to you, and in the case of Lunarendor it couldn’t be more true – in one boot you get three levels of stiffness, so you can even switch between them according to your preferences.

When it comes to lacing, there is an external lock that lets you tighten the right zones to the right level. They’re also perfect for landing on your feet – the Lunarlon system will provide extra heel support and lightweight cushioning. And, the Strobel technology will keep your feet warm and accumulate the heat you will be needing on low temperatures. No need to mention design – it’s obvious that it’s hard to top it.

BUY | from $399

6 – Deeluxe 9Six Snowboard Boot

Deeluxe 9Six Snowboard Boot

These waterproof leather boots will give you the possibility to tighten the right area to the right amount.

As a celebration of Deeluxe’s 20th anniversary, they made the 9Six Snowboard Boots – and man, are they awesome! They were actually inspired by one of the first boots made by the company, and yet bring so many innovations to the table. The waterproof leather boots that were made to last you a long time feature the D-Lug outsole cushions for better suspension and dampening vibrations. When it comes to lacing – you can tighten just the right area to just the right amount with the C3 construction. It’s the traditional system divided in three areas: heel, forefoot and shaft. Make the fit and the flex perfect for your feet with this system.

The boots’ L-shaped pads will offer you maximum stability and comfort while the liner will make sure your performance is at its best. The design will make you feel powerful and ready to conquer any mountain – so go for it!

BUY | $250

7 – Burton Viking Snowboard Boot

Burton Viking Snowboard Boot

These boots have a unique lacing system: Speed Zone Lock N’ Load, as well as a DryRide Heat Cycle Lining liner for warm and dry feet.

Just the name of this boot will put you in the right mood, and when you put it on and take it for a ride, you’ll feel just like one: Burton Viking Snowboard Boot is also inspired by the past but it’s going fast into the future. A unique lacing system called Speed Zone Lock N’ Load makes this a perfect snowboarding boot with adjustable laces, but also a simple boot you can take to the park – the only difference is whether you’re going to stiffen them or make them looser and easier to walk in.

Another innovation comes from the liner with a DryRide Heat Cycle Lining which will keep your feet always warm and dry. And if you’re into damp rides, you can be sure to go through them in these – they have a special B3 Gel cushioning system that will accumulate the jumps and the kickers. And, no fear of losing balance in the Burton Viking Snowboard Boots: the Vibram EcoStep sole will make sure of that. Every part of these boots is carefully designed to provide the best experience for you.


8 – Ride Men’s Anthem Snowboard Boots

Ride Men's Anthem Snowboard Boots

Perfect stability and safety will come if you choose these boots.

If you’re going for a next- level performance and want to feel totally stable and safe in your snowboarding boots, you also have to try out Ride Men’s Anthem Snowboard Boots. They feature an innovative Boa lacing system that will allow it to close around your foot, instead of putting extra pressure that you definitely don’t need. Adjust the liner to your size – it’s fully customizable and heat moldable, prepared to give you the extra feel that only custom-made equipment can.

The boots also feature the internal J bars for extra support and a grip sole to add to it. No worries about twisted ankles with them. Pick out of four designs including simple black or green one, and even a “lumberjack” color scheme, and go out to have some fun in the snow.

BUY | from $209.99

9 – Northwave Decade SL Men’s Snowboard Boots

Northwave Decade SL Mens Snowboard Boots

High specifications, but softer flex: the perfect combination.

This model is actually the most sold one by Northwave, and they say that there is a good reason for that: it has high specifications that every snowboarder wants, but a softer flex that is also great for park or pipe riders. The Double Crossbow Sole has extra flexibility and will provide protection while the 540 Heel Retention System will improve the performance by adding to your stability.

The Northwave Decade SL boots feature a Super Lace Sl closure system that will allow you to separately adjust the quarter part and the collar part of your boot. Once set, the boots won’t unlace until you do it yourself, providing comfort and safety to your ride. The liner is heat moldable which will help achieve a perfect fit and you can pick out of several different color schemes.

BUY | $99

10 – Adidas Energy BOOST Snowboard Boot

Adidas Energy BOOST Snowboard Boot

The BOOST midsole will give you great support and the Ultralon liner will provide a comfortable hold.

Last but certainly not least, Adidas Energy BOOST Snowboard Boot is a result of 90-year long experience in making athletic shoes that resulted in a super-powerful set of snowboard boots. The name comes from the BOOST midsole that will give you such support and protection from impact that you won’t be able to believe it – even after several years of use, the guys from Adidas claim that the quality remains the same.

Another way to make sure you have the perfect feeling in them is the use of the Ultralon liner with a wrap design that won’t leave any pressure points but go around your foot providing a comfortable hold. You won’t feel cold thanks to the BOOST midsole that is, in addition to being heat-moldable, cold resistant. The speed lacing system will make the boots a perfect fit with its two adjustment zones. Now that you know all about them, go on and try them on.

BUY | $499

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