10 Motorcycle Gloves For Winter and Spring

Yes, bikers are a tough bunch but they are only human and do feel the cold, believe it or not. Actually, they know very well what it is like to feel the chill to the bone, to lose the feeling in your fingers because of subzero temperatures and to experience the harsh winter conditions. If you are an avid biker, having a proper, well-insulated pair of gloves is an absolute must in winter months. Not only can freezing fingers jeopardize your operation of the motorcycle, but they can also severely limit your dexterity.

On top of having good thermal insulation, it is essential for winter motorcycle gloves to be waterproof (not to be confused with water-resistant) and to remain waterproof not only in light showers but even when the rain is mercilessly beating down on you. So, we were diligent yet again and sifted through the ocean of winter motorcycle gloves to give you the best of the best.

1 – Cortech Scarab Motorcycle Gloves

Cortech Scarab Motorcycle Gloves

These gloves have forged titanium carbon protection panels.

These gloves don’t only look awesome but they are some of the most rugged gloves on the market. And they don’t break the bank either… We all know that leather is an extremely hardy material and that’s why we commend Cortech for using Cowhide to craft this glove; it’s abrasion resistant and in the event of a fall, it will take much of the impact from your hands. To increase the protection, this glove also features forged titanium carbon protection panels on the palms, wrists, fingers and the knuckles. A large gauntlet cuff aids in keeping the wind out and a simple two-way adjustable Velcro strap lends to a snug custom fit. The inside of this glove is lined with soft brushed fleece and the entire glove has been double stitched for durability. Considering all of its features, it really doesn’t come as a surprise that this glove got 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

BUY | $94.99

2 – Gordini Gore-Tex Gauntlet Gloves

Gordini Gore-Tex Gauntlet Gloves

Gordini Gore-Tex Gauntlet Gloves are waterproof and double insulated.

Gordini is a well-known brand, and it deserves to have a pair of their winter gloves featured on this list. The outer shell of Gordini Gauntlet Gloves is made out of waterproof polytex but as a double insulated glove, the real functionality of it comes from the Gore-Tex insert that’s guaranteed to keep you dry; this insert is not only waterproof and windproof but it also has excellent breathability. The insert is packed with 100% polyester that has been designed to keep your hands warm without adding too much overall weight to the glove itself. The palm is lined with both Polyurethane and leather for wear resistance and the leather finger caps allow for ultimate grip in icy conditions. The gauntlet also has a cinch closure around the wrists that keep wind and snow out.

BUY | from $34.99

3 – Kwesor Australian Lamb Leather Gloves

Kwesor Australian Lamb Leather Gloves

These lamb leather gloves are suitable for touchscreen display.

These gloves do not possess the rugged appearance of the others featured on the list but we chose them for a very particular reason. Made out of lamb leather, this glove is not only durable but soft and comfortable as well while providing ample dexterity. The inner is made out of 100% polyester polar fleece which gives your hands plenty of warmth. The reason that we chose these particular gloves is not only the fact that they look good and perform well in cold weather but they also feature a form of nanotech in the gloves that allows you to use your touch screen phone or tablet while wearing them. The manufacturer went so far as to even incorporate total hand touch screen capabilities for tablet and iPad users. These gloves can be purchased in brown and black color.

BUY | from $25

4 – Protect the King Nomad Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves

Protect the King Nomad Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves

Nomad Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves use trademark technology like “PTK Palm” and “PTK Airflow”.

By being made from premium cowhide leather, these gloves are not only durable and comfortable but offer good protection and weather resistance.  Nomad Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves were designed by Protect the King’s engineers to meet the highest quality standards in motorcycling and incorporate trademarked technology such as “PTK Palm” that provides throttle comfort, grip and abrasion resistance. To increase the gloves breathability, the manufacturer designed and used “PTK Airflow” which they crafted so that it does not affect the impact protection that these gloves offer. The fingers, knuckles, thumbs and wrists are protected by Carbon Kevlar stones and impact guards so that your hands stand a good chance of staying intact during a fall. Knowing well that finger mobility is a necessity, Protect the King placed stretch panels on all the pivot points on the fingers so that moving your fingers is not only comfortable but also doesn’t have the rigid feel that most rugged gloves have.  These gloves also come with “Golden Touch” which makes it easier to use your smartphone or GPS.

BUY | $54

5 – Missing Link Cold Duty Gloves

Missing Link Cold Duty Gloves

Missing Link Cold Duty Gloves are tough, waterproof, windproof and breathable.

If you live in area that is commonly foggy or you need high visibility then these gloves are exactly what you need. Originally designed to be used by police officers, Cold Duty Gloves, made my Missing Link, offer the best in visibility thanks to their HiViz palms and reflective piping on the back of the hands. This is also an excellent feature when you need to signal as drivers can clearly see what you are trying to say. The glove’s outer is made from premium black cowhide leather and the inner is made from durable and warm micro fleece. The Cold Duty gloves are also waterproof, windproof and breathable which makes them perfect for winter rides and tough weather conditions. The dorsal, knuckles, fingers and palms are padded for protection and comfort around the throttle. The simple pull tab design closes the dorsal around your wrists for a snug fit. You can purchase the Cold Duty gloves in either fluorescent orange or fluorescent green.

BUY | $54.95

6 – AlpineStars Apex Drystar Gloves

AlpineStars Apex Drystar Gloves

AlpineStars Apex Drystar Gloves are lined with Thinsulate insulation.

Do you remember the original Apex gloves? They were crafted out of leather which reduced mobility somewhat. To counteract that problem, AlpineStars went back to the drawing board and decided on a modification for this rendition. Instead of leather, they utilized a light and stretchable polyamide outer and combined it with their AlpineStars Drystar waterproof and breathable membrane. With the weatherproofing out of the way, they decided to line it with Thinsulate insulation for warmth on even the coldest days. They also use synthetic leather on the palms for durability and good grip. Combined with molded padding around the knuckles, this is a very protective glove for its comparative lightweight. Apex Drystar Gloves also feature a wide Velcro strip to ensure wind doesn’t enter into them and a wrist fastener which makes for a secure fit.

BUY | $89.95

7 – Bear Wallow Glove Company Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves

Bear Wallow Glove Company Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves

Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves feature 40G Thinsulate inner for the warmth.

Don’t be fooled by a very simple design of these gloves. They got a very respectable 4.8 out of 5 stars from 172 reviews on Amazon and we are pretty sure they will not disappoint. At least that’s what their manufacturer – Bear Wallow Glove Company – tell us because they have placed a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves. Crafted out of premium deerskin leather, these gloves are not only softer than cowhide leather but are also thicker and suppler; simply put, they are far more comfortable than regular leather. The gloves are windproof and insulated with a 40G Thinsulate inner that will keep your hands warm on the coldest of days. To ensure a snug fit, you can secure the gauntlet with its simple hook and eye configuration; this also keeps the wind and snow out of your gloves. Knowing that stitching can become extremely irritating after a while, Bear Wallow Glove Company designed these gloves with a stitchless palm for added comfort.

BUY | $44.95

8 – Held Narvik Leather Waterproof Gloves

Held Narvik Leather Waterproof Gloves

These gloves have a waterproof, windproof and breathable Hipora Membrane.

Crafted out of heavy duty Cordura with smartly placed cowhide reinforcements over the fingers, palms and knuckles, Held Narvik’s Leather Weatherproof Gloves are not only durable but are very flexible as well. This not only makes the glove more comfortable but improves the mobility as well. For weatherproofing, Held Narvik added a Hipora Membrane that’s completely waterproof, windproof and breathable. To reduce the common hand fatigue that usually comes from vibrations, the manufacturer incorporated a pad into the palm which almost completely negates this effect. To ensure a comfortable fit, you simply use the leather strap that fits securely around your wrist and then adjust with the leather tab. Thinking ahead and knowing that a rider’s vision can be severely impaired by rain and mist, Held Narvik inserted a visor squeegee on the left index finger so that you can simply wipe the droplets away.

BUY | $119.90

9 – BMW Genuine Motorcycle ProWinter 2 Gloves

BMW Genuine Motorcycle ProWinter 2 Gloves

BMW Genuine Motorcycle ProWinter 2 Gloves feature thick GORE-TEX membrane.

We expect nothing less from BMW than utmost quality product and their Genuine Motorcycle ProWinter 2 Gloves certainly do not disappoint in this aspect. On the contrary… These winter gloves have superb thermal insulation with silicone coating on palm, knuckles and fingertips. They are 100% wind and waterproof thanks to the thick GORE-TEX membrane. They are also lined with very comfortable microfiber plus an aluminum layer. The palm of BMW’s Genuine Motorcycle ProWinter 2 glove is made from watertight goat leather which is doubled on the inside of the thumb and index finger. The fingers are curved for optimum fit and the gloves have long cuffs which are easily adjusted. Pretty large reflecting strips and thumb visor wiper are added safety components. These gloves offer good breathability and flexibility, in addition to easy fit around controls and effective Pittard Gripster material on fingertips.

BUY | $149

10 – Tour Master Polar-Tex 2.0 Gloves

Tour Master Polar-Tex 2.0 Gloves

Tour Master Polar-Tex 2.0 Gloves feature 3M thermal insulation.

If you are looking for great pliability and warmth, Tour Master’s Polar-Tex 2.0 Gloves come highly recommended. Reinforced with the bulletproof 600-denier Cordura nylon, these gloves have an excellent 3M thermal insulation weighing at 100g. They are lined with a Porvair liner which makes them completely waterproof yet fully breathable. The leather palms are padded with foam which efficiently absorbs the shaking while flexible knuckles and finger panels allow for a decent range of movement. As far as the safety components go, the index finger is made from the suede like material and serves as a visor wiper and there is a reflective logo on the cuffs. The gloves’ gauntlets are pretty long and come with a zipper. Tour Master Polar-Tex 2.0 Gloves are available in three color combinations – black, black / blue and black / red – and two sizes X-large and X-small.

BUY  | $64.99

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