Here is another grill those who love barbecuing and gourmands will adore – The Toolbox Grill. Essentially, it is a charcoal grill, that is designed to look like a toolbox. It is easily portable, so you can carry it with you anywhere, leaving people feeling sorry for you, because they will think you are off to work on Sunday morning, while you are actually heading to a picnic.

The grill itself starts up very quickly, and it doesn’t need a lot of coals. The grilling surface is exactly 173 square inches, and every single inch will be used, because the ventilated charcoal basket provides superb airflow, and porcelain-coated high-heat components are really helpful when it comes to cooking quality.  You can use it with opened or closed cover, and still it is very eco-friendly, since it doesn’t need external vents for the ash and grease to leak, because it all stays inside the toolbox. This means you can use it basically anywhere, even indoors, in places like cars and boats and it is always ready to go. The materials from which this grill is made are very easy to clean, so that is another great advantage of it.

The Toolbox Grill is made of 20-gauge steel, painted with heat-resistant paint, and the sturdy built-in heat shield lets you use it even on wood or plastic surfaces without damaging them. It measures about 20x9x10 inches.

The Toolbox Grill offers a lot of cooking space; it looks great; it is made of high quality materials; it doesn’t leave mess behind it, it is highly compact, and has many other pros, for a low price.

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Tool box grill

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