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Fact is, you need sunglasses. It’s an essential EDC item that should never be overlooked. Apart from the obvious fact that it keeps the sun out of your eyes, and protects them, your sunglasses says a lot about you. Firstly, they show off your style. Secondly, they make you more attractive. Thirdly, because they are simply awesomeness itself. Well, if you were looking for something that is spectacularly awesome, then the Titan Titanium Aviator Sunglasses are just what you need.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

After a first successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016, the guys over at Zerpico decided to bring you a brand new collection of sunglasses. That collection being the Titan Collection!

Different views of the Gold and Gun Metal versions of the Titan

Titan is available in 3 different colors (Gold and Gun Metal pictured) with interchangeable lenses.

Of course, as perfectionists, the goal was to create the perfect Aviator-style sunglasses. As Zerpico’s goal was always to create products that beat the contemporary market prices, without skipping out on the best materials available, you can rest assured that Titan is of the highest quality. The material that they decided on, was, impressively, titanium. Titanium is well known for its use in the aerospace industry due to its extreme high strength-to-weight ratio. It is also known for having exceptional corrosion and temperature resistance. There is no better material to make high quality sunglasses from. Check out the video below.

Different views of the Titan in Black

If the Gold and Gun Metal didn’t suit you, then the Black frame is exactly what you need.

The Titan Collection features 3 different frame colors – Black, Gun Metal, and Gold. The choice is up to you and your style. You can also select a package where you mix frame colors and lenses, as you wish. In addition to giving your Titan Aviators an awesome look, it also serves as protection. The coating is super strong, and has high antioxidant capacities; it’s also healthier to the environment to produce.

Zerpico Eyewood Collection

For a limited time only, you can also order Zerpico’s Eyewood collection at discounted prices from their Kickstarter page.

The Titan Aviator’s also come with German-made hyper-extendable hinges that ensure that you won’t break them when you put them on. Furthermore, the lenses, being the most important part of the sunglasses, are of the highest quality that you can find. They feature 7 layer polarized lenses that reduce glare, eliminate dazzling light reflection and scattered light. This makes your vision softer and more natural. In addition to this, these lenses have a UV400 ultraviolet ray standard, and it also comes with a durable, clear, scratch-resistant layer. You can also easily interchange the lenses to suit your style and needs.

The guys need your support to get this project started. So, head over to Kickstarter to get your Early Bird Packages.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

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