Tips On Training Your Dog

As a puppy grows up it is important to set boundaries and dog training is crucial to prevent unruly and badly behaved canines. So how can you approach training and get results?

Obedience classes

If you are training a puppy, enrolling in classes is a great way to socialize your dog at the same time as learning obedience techniques. The advantage of training during a class is that your dog will get used to following commands even when surrounded by distractions. Once the class is over you must practice all you have learnt. Change is achieved through habit so you must continue to work on all the skills daily, so that it becomes a habit for your dog.


Dogs will do almost anything for a tasty treat. The better the reward the faster they will learn, you’ll find the best pet food available at Diamond Pet’s website here that are nutritious, natural and perfect for tempting your dog into obeying your every request. Keeping treats with you at all times means that whenever there is an opportunity for training your dog you are ready with a high-value reward.

In the unlikely event that your dog is not driven by treats then you could use his favorite toy or game as an incentive.

Be patient

When learning something new it is easy to become overwhelmed and it is no different with animals. Always be patient and split training sessions into small achievable chunks. Try to do it somewhere without distractions at first when training outside of classes. Some dogs will learn quickly, and others may need a little time to digest the new rules. Remember dogs are intelligent creatures and will learn eventuallay. Never punish your dog, it will confuse them and weaken your bond with them.


One of the most crucial parts of canine learning is developing manners. Some dogs are easily excited with boundless energy and have a tendency to jump on people. Actions such as turning your back, crossing your arms and not engaging with your dog when they jump up will show those actions are not acceptable and you will only interact once they are sitting and behaving well. When a dog receives no attention, they will calm quickly and then you can show affection. You should get everyone in the family on board with the new regime. If everyone denies attention throughout the learning period, your dog will soon realize that sitting will be more beneficial.

If your dog jumps up when you are sitting, you should ignore them. Do not push them away or engage in any way at all. Eventually, they will learn it is just not worth it. It is important to teach dogs manners to prevent accidents. When a dog jumps, especially a large dog, they can scratch and cause bruises and in some cases knock people over which can lead to worse injuries.


Rescuing a dog is always the best option and so many shine once they are in a safe and welcoming home. Sometimes though a dog’s past can cause behavioral problems. Often simply being treated well will allow a dog to regain their confidence and not be afraid – so the behavior stops. Sometimes, though rarely, it might be necessary to seek out a professional dog behaviorist who will work with you to alter your dog’s behavior.

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