Tips for Choosing the Right Athletic Shoe

When it comes to picking the right athletic shoe, most people think it’s all about if it fits, deserves a spot in their wardrobe, or if it’s appropriate for an occasion. However, that barely scratches the surface and there are more factors to consider.

Engaging in sports and high-impact activities demands proper footwear, whether it’s running, jumping, or even taking long walks. Athletic shoes now come in numerous designs and are crafted to meet specific purposes. There are shoes made for runners, walkers, low-impact and high-impact activities, and much more. With such a vast array of options, determining which shoe would be the best fit for you can be difficult.

While general practitioners rarely discuss the importance of the right footwear, podiatrists and orthopedics have been educating people about its significance for a minute. Wearing the right shoes can reduce discomfort in your legs, feet, ankles, and even the back.

That being said, let us get into the gist of things and look at the most important things to consider when shopping for orthotic shoes for men.

If possible, it’s advisable to shop at a store that caters to the sport you engage in. For instance, if you are a passionate runner, a running store should be your first choice. Similarly, if you participate in tennis, you should look for a dedicated tennis store. However, if that is not an option, then do your homework beforehand to determine the most appropriate shoe for your activity. Luckily, some great establishments like Fleet Feet, Good Feet, and Fletcher’s will measure your feet and give personalized advice to help you pick the best shoe for your needs.

Next, you’ll want to shop for an athletic shoe at the right time. Following a day of activity, the feet tend to swell, and so, in order to have a shoe that will fit properly, it’s best to wait for several hours or even a day for the best results. Also, ensure you try on both legs as you may have a foot that’s a bit larger than the other.

To achieve a secure and comfortable fit, make sure that you wear the socks you often wear on a daily basis. A proper fit implies that the shoe fits snugly around the foot without being too loose or too tight, while also preventing the heel from sliding off. In addition, there should be about half an inch of space between the inside of the shoe to the tip of the longest toe to allow for some foot movement. Your feet and toes shouldn’t feel cramped while in the shoe, so do not settle for one that does not allow your toes to wiggle around.

Next, ensure you walk around the store on different surfaces when trying on the shoes. This could include tile, carpet, etc. Doing this helps determine whether the shoe is comfortable to use anywhere. Concrete is particularly the most important surface to test comfort since you will likely be walking on it regularly. Keep in mind that concrete barely absorbs the walking shock, which results in more stress on your ankles and feet.

Last but not least, ensure you tighten the shoe laces to ensure your feet are secure. A fully laced shoe will be vastly different from one that is only half laced. There are numerous ways to lace a shoe and boils down to your preference, but if you do not fully lace them during the testing phase, you will not fully realize the true feeling before making the purchase.

And there you have it, a few great tips that should help you purchase an athletic shoe that truly matches your needs.

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