Timex Metropolitan+ Activity Tracker


Timex released a new cool looking, stylish watch that also serves as an activity tracker. Besides telling the time, this watch will track your steps, distance and calories burned.

Timex Metropolitan+ Activity Tracker is made of brass and you can get it in both polished silver and matte black. This watch doesn’t have a complicated display but one that’s analog and very user-friendly. To check how many miles you’ve done all you have to do is press and hold down the pusher button. This way it will go through the four modes: S for steps, D for distance, Bluetooth and Off. Timex will include Sleep Metrics somewhere in spring 2016.

Timex Metropolitan Plus Activity Tracker With An Orange Nylon Strap

Timex Metropolitan+ Watch can tell time, track steps, distance and calories burned.

Reading the data is simple as well. The outermost dial ring is numbered 1 to 15 so when you’re in S mode, each number counts for 1,000 steps and when you’re in D mode, each number equals one mile. There’s also a tiny needle for showing the percentage of your set up goal.

Timex Metropolitan Plus Activity Tracker On A Wrist

Timex Metropolitan+ is made from brass, comes in polished silver or matte black and it’s water resistant up to 330 ft.

The Metropolitan+ is water resistant up to 330 ft which means you can use it for swimming and snorkeling. With Bluetooth mode you can connect to your smartphone and check out the total number of steps, distance and calories burned in a day, week, month or year.

A Guy Using Timex Metropolitan+ App

There’s a Bluetooth option so you can connect this watch to a smartphone app.

One of the really awesome features of Metropolitan+ is the battery life. You don’t have to recharge it because the battery can last for a year. There’s also the option to personalize your watch. It’s really easy to change the strap and they come in different colors and materials- nylon, leather and silicone.

Get it from Amazon here.

Different Strap Options For Timex Metropolitan Plus Activity Tracker

There are plenty of options for changing straps.

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