If you’re on the prowl for a new laptop backpack which is capable of carrying a lot of additional gear and can withstand a lot of damage, look no further than the Timbuk2 Walker Laptop Backpack. This laptop backpack from Timbuk2 was specifically designed for all urban commuters who have to struggle with moving around constantly, abrupt changes in weather and changing transportation types several times a day. Luckily, the Walker Laptop Backpack was made sturdily enough to take on this monumental task without sacrificing style, as this backpack is pretty easy on the eyes too.

Storage Space and Fit of the Walker Laptop Backpack

Walker Laptop Backpack use

This backpack is perfect for all urban commuters or for people who require a very durable backpack

The Walker Backpack has a main compartment designed to fit any 15″ laptop and a secondary one aimed for tablets along with several smaller ones for gear which might prove essential. This backpack uses a padded back panel which will increase the comfort while wearing it and make sure that your laptop is safe inside of it. The smaller compartments include two inside organizers which are perfect for you smartphone, pens and chargers. There is also a zippered compartment which can be used for various documents or stuff you need quick access to.

Walker Laptop Backpack main compartment

The main compartment of this backpack can store any 15″ laptop

When you put all the things you need in this backpack, you’ll be glad to know that the comfort it offers is further enhanced by contoured shoulder straps which is a big deal because you’ll probably be spending a lot of time with it. An important addition to the whole package is the side pocket which can be used to carry an umbrella around, but if you expand it, you can fit most water bottles inside with ease. In terms of style choices, this backpack has a lot to offer, being available in five different ones: stone, midnight, julep, reserve, whiskey.

Materials and Longevity

Walker Laptop Backpack additional pockets

This backpack has enough room for you to carry around everything you may possibly need

The materials used in the making of this backpack have given it a very important characteristic: extreme longevity. The Walker Laptop Backpack has a waxed canvas body which is very durable and will resist the test of time without an issue. It even has genuine leather trims which add both to its durability and style, and the heavy duty zippers won’t malfunction in a very long time. The flap which covers the two major compartments are secured with a snap closure system which is a surefire system to pick if safety and durability are what you need.

The Timbuk2 Walker Laptop Backpack is going to make life easier to all urban commuters as you effectively kill two birds with one stone if you use it; you get a well-designed and stylish backpack, which will also withstand all the punishments of commuting to work and moving through crowds.

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