The John Hancock Center in Chicago has presented the Tilt, an attraction which is sure to present great competition to the Skydeck Ledge in the Willis Tower in the same city.

As if the Ledge’s all glass structure (yes, including the floor) lifted 1,353ft in the air weren’t enough, the creators of the Tilt chose to upset your balance by – you can guess it – tilting you forward from the outer edge. The windy city can be observed from the tilting box elevated more than 1,000 feet above the ground, or 94 floors up. The Tilt will accommodate eight people at a time and provide views of, among other astonishing features, The Magnificent Mile, one of the most prestigious residential and commercial areas of the city also famous for being a renowned shopping district.

So, would you be brave enough to enjoy this stunning tourist attraction? Stepping on the glass floor of the Skydeck’s Ledge was terrifying enough, but being tilted towards the concrete abyss might actually be even bigger trigger of adrenaline rush. Even if you are sure this is not a problem for you, the Tilt is a completely new thing opened for the 2014 spring season, so it is bound to be packed with tourists in the beginning. Watch the video of the Tilt below.

Tilt attraction in Chicago

View from Hancock Center Chicago

Tilt attraction at Hancock Center Chicago

Tilt at Hancock Center Chicago

Tilt at Hancock Center Chicago

View from Hancock Center Chicago


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