The mind behind the Tikker is Fredrik Colting and he says that he came to this idea when his grandfather passed away, but that the death reminder is not supposed to be depressing, but rather encouraging and motivating.

It is supposed to make you appreciate every moment of your life and urge you to make your remaining time as memorable as possible, much like most people would if someone told them they had just a year to live.

So, let’s see how this little gadget knows when its wearer is supposed to die. First of all, the future owner needs to answer a series of questions that will help the Tikker calculate his life expectancy. After this number is found, the owner just needs to subtract his or her current age and that’s it. You can see how much you have left to live.

White Tikker Watch - Death Countdown Watch

Many people found this idea pretty morbid, but almost everyone found it interesting. The price of the Tikker will be $59, but the ones who support the Kickstarter campaign will get it for $39. However, being a watch, the Tikker will tell you the time along with the mentioned ‘Death Countdown’.

So, if you feel such a device would motivate you to live your life to the fullest, the price is more than acceptable and well worth it. If you think such knowledge would scare you stiff, maybe you should skip this thing.

Anyway, we hope that seeing the clock tick towards your end will not make you go Walter White on everything and everyone around.

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