Keeping your bike safe in ever-busy modern-day cities is becoming increasingly difficult as the number of bike thieves is constantly increasing – but cycling enthusiasts need not worry now that TiGR Lock has arrived. Unlike most other bike locks out there, TiGR adds no extra weight to your ride but it’s still strong enough to repel sly bike robbers prowling your neighborhood.

Designed as a heavy-duty all-Titanium strap-like bow with protective PVC coating and silicon o-rings, all topped by a precision-machined pick-resistant rotary disc key mechanism, TiGR is extremely lightweight and flexible and still much tougher than most regular U-locks and chains available on the market. This means that you won’t have to lug around those hefty chains and obnoxious U-locks when going cycling and your bike safety will still be guaranteed round the clock even when you’re not keeping an eye out on your beloved two-wheeler.

Tigr lock bicycle lock

In order to lock your bike with TiGR, simply take your new all-Titanium lock from the top tube, thread it through your bike frame (or even both of your wheels, depending on the rim size), attach it to the fixed structure like fence or lamp post (up to 5.5 inches in diameter) and lock the stainless steel cylinder mechanism with the help of the key. Since the Titanium bow hugs the bike tightly when parked and locked, would-be bike thieves will not be able to fit a jack or a similar pick-locking mechanism inside the lock and pick or snap it open – nor will they be able to bend the sturdy TiGR or cut through it, for that matter. When not in use, TiGR stores along the sides of the top tube in the frame with the help of some Velcro straps, and since this simple yet robust locking system fits most bikes, it won’t impact the appearance of your ride or spoil your cycling style.

Tigr lock bicycle lock

To match a range of bike configurations and individual security needs, TiGR is available in two different widths: the 075 TiGr Bow or 125 TiGr Bow (the wider, the stronger), and in three Titanium bow lengths (the longer, the more locking options): the 24-inch Standard TiGR can capture both road bike wheels, 18-inch Short TiGR lock can lock the frame or one bike wheel and 30-inch Long TiGR can capture and protect both wheels on a mountain bike. Elegant, tough and simple to use, TiGR is all the lock and chain you’ll ever need to keep your bike safe anytime, anywhere, and it’s surprisingly light so you won’t even feel its weight as you’re riding around town, so make sure you order your new unpickable and unbreakable all-Titanium lock ASAP.

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Tigr lock titanium lock

Tigr lock bicycle lock

Tigr lock

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