Action cameras have flooded the market and along with them a large number of accessories like harnesses and mounts. But it is important to keep your action camera and related gear safe from harm due to their fragile nature. There are many cases out there but the Thule Perspektiv Action Camera Case is one of the few which offers a large amount of storage space in a compact size. It was designed specifically for GoPro, Contour and Sony action cameras but you can use them with whatever action cameras you see fit. It has three storage compartments, the main one being the crushproof padded camera compartment with a divider system for increased protection. You can fit two GoPro cameras with no problem plus additional accessories in the other compartments.

Thule Perspektiv crushproof camera  compartment

The crushproof padded camera compartment can be customized with dividers

This camera case has a flip-down compartment for organizing your SD cards and batteries. Both the SD cards and batteries will be very easy to find thanks to the high-visibility lining material. You won’t have to waste time rifling through the case to find them.

Thule Perspektiv roll-top stash compartment

The roll-top stash compartment is used for more durable gear

The last compartment is designed for less fragile accessories and it is located in the top most part of the case. It is a roll-top stash compartment with a 9-hook closure system. After you stash your stuff inside, simply roll it back down, close the hooks and you have a neat handle for the case.

Thule Perspektiv warranty

The Thule Perspektiv Action Camera Case comes with a 25 year warranty

Measuring 9.5 x 6.9 x 4.5 inches and weighing 0.46 lb, this camera case offers quite a lot for its size. It is available only in black, but we won’t hold this against the guys at Thule. This action camera case is worth the buy and one of the best things about it is that it has a 25 year warranty.

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Check out a short video about the Thule Perspektiv Action Camera Case.

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