Have you drank enough f*cking liquid today? How about your daily intake of motherf*cking veggies for those goddamn fibers and minerals? Do you give a sh*t about your health, or are you just f**king around with your shi**y food? Surprisingly enough, there may yet be a point to all this foul language – whatever gets you enough vitamins and healthy diet can do no wrong, right? Well, with the world popular Thug Kitchen cooking blog (which officially kicked off on Tumblr some time in August 2012), you sure are in for a hefty plateful of some tasty delicacies and your daily portion of healthy living, along with a chunky slice of swearwords and obscenities. And now the LA-based duo behind the cooking blog-gone-viral are finally releasing their first official cookbook (Rodale Books publishing), quite adequately named Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ck, which brings together over 100 creative recipes, greenmarket shopping instructions and culinary tips on preparing meals, snacks and side dishes for all of you tough-life would-be home chefs.

“Dear reader, I love Thug Kitchen’s cooking. As hilariously foul-mouthed as these motherf*ckers are, I really like their passion for eating the right food, for cutting to the chase, and for knocking up good, nutritious food from scratch. Their message is simple — stop relying on the microwave, stop relying on processed crap. Whoever you are and wherever you are, get down to the markets and supermarkets, use your budget to pick up some fresh ingredients, and get cooking. So, Thug Kitchen, good luck, and keep doing what you’re doing,” says Jamie Oliver in the book review. And coming from him, that’s a recommendation enough for any motherf*cker out there to take their plates into their own hands and cook some real f*cking food.

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Packed with original recipes, exclusive photos, culinary instructions and tips for shopping around your local greenmarket for best fresh supplies on a tight budget, Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ck encourages readers to take their eating habits to a whole new level and try out some (mostly vegan and vegetarian) health-food combos. The best proof of popularity – as well as tastiness and quality – of these humor-laced and blasphemy-infused recipes is all right there in the figures and the bling: with over 51,000 followers on Twitter and 553,950+ likes on Facebook (and counting), Thug Kitchen has also been backed by Gwyneth Paltrow as one of her favorite food blogs, so it’s pretty much the closest it gets to a tongue-in-cheek tough veggie-loving chef and expletive-generous healthy lifestyle guru who always leaves you craving for more food-wise. And though most of the stuff you’ll find between the covers of the 240-page cookbook may sound downright profane to your granny, it sure is far more entertaining than your regular Martha Stewart. Healthy food is extremely tasty, incredibly affordable and above all easy to make – so don’t even think about coming up with excuses for taking a dive into those fatty potato chips and nasty takeaway pizza leftovers. Go be a healthy-living thug: make yourself some goddamn real food and eat like you give a fu*k. You’re motherfuc*ing welcome.

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Thug Kitchen official cookbook

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Thug Kitchen recipes

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