As the creators of this bike helmets said, Thousand is a design-driven lifestyle brand with one mission: to reinvent the bike helmet. In order to abandon the bulky, futuristic appearance of regular bike helmets which very few wanted to wear, despite the fact that we are all aware that it can save your life, Thousand takes on a different design without sacrificing the safety a regular bike helmet offers. Its design was inspired by motorcycle helmets and was brought to life specifically for urban explorers. The creators also wanted to create something environmentally friendly so they opted for vegan leather straps reinforced with nylon webbing.

Thousand design

The creators of this bike helmet drew inspiration from motorcycle helmets

As for the buckle, it can be easily secured due to the magnets incorporated in the design. Even though this helmet looks nothing like conventional bicycle helmets, it still retains the ventilation of a regular helmet. This was achieved by adding seven air vents and an internal cooling system.

Thousand color variants

The thousand bike helmet is available in four colors

The Thousand bicycle helmet is available in three sizes (large, medium and small) and four different color options: carbon black, thousand navy, moonlight white and “stay gold” edition. Apart from looking terrific, the creators have also addressed the issue of being certain that your new helmet won’t get stolen easily. They have created the PopLock system (patent pending) which is a convenient and simple way of securing your helmet. Just pop the lid with the Thousand logo and lock it in. That’s it. The creators are confident in this system and they even offer to replace your helmet in case it gets stolen while being locked with this system.

Currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter, you can get yourself a Thousand bicycle helmet for $75 and expect it to arrive at the end of this year. The Thousand is truly an amazing accomplishment in reinventing the traditional bike helmet.

Thousand PopLock system

Its unique PopLock system allows you to easily and securely lock your helmet

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