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We’re witnessing an explosion of electronics and people are using their devices, appliances and gadgets more than ever before. Since electronic devices need to be charged frequently, people sometimes run short on power sources needed for all devices. That’s where theOUTlet can help. This little add-on can double or even triple the amount of outlets with a simple push of a button. In addition to this, it features an attractive and compact design so it won’t take any room and it’ll fit in the surrounding décor perfectly.

There’s no more need for the tricky and bulky power strips, plug adapters and extension cords. When you simply need more outlets for your devices, install theOUTlet and have 4 extra outlets at your fingertips. The installation is quite easy and it can be completed in just 5 minutes, and the additional outlets can stay hidden until you need them. You don’t have to go through all that extra trouble of rewiring your home when you can have additional outlets wherever and whenever you want them with this simple and clever innovation.

theOUTlet innovation in three electrical boxes on a grey wall, one hidden, and two open devices.

theOUTlet is easily and quickly installed and it features a clear and elegant design

With a clean, low profile design, theOUTlet fits into a standard electrical box and it functions just like any other outlet. When you need to plug in more devices, simply Open the Possibilities by pressing the button on the side and more outlets will appear instantly. This item is also tamper resistant so you don’t have to worry about your kids getting hurt if they play around it. This practical innovation is functional, simple to use, compact and elegant so it’s pretty much the best solution for people who have more devices than power outlets.

theOUTlet with features mapped out, on a white background.

theOUTlet has integrated safety features so it’s tamper resistant while additional outlets become available with a simple push of a button

With theOUTlet you’ll finally have the means of charging and using all your devices whenever and wherever you want to. The outlet can be installed in any orientation with opening to the left, right, or even vertically, and uninstalling it is even easier than installation. This great household accessory comes as a basic 15 amp version for your home, but it can also be used in industrial surroundings and public places like airports, train stations, etc. There are also 20 Amp and GFCI versions that are being developed for garages and for use outside the home.


theOUTlet fits into a standard electrical box and it remains hidden until you need it

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