Having a home theatre means enjoying marvelous surround sound, but it also means a long and tiring setup and struggling with cables and the correct position of your speakers. Acemile has decided to solve this problem by making the Theatre Box. This audio device aims to revolutionize the way we use surround sound systems by abandoning the “sweet spot” way of utilizing traditional surround sound systems. The Theatre Box measures 10.3 x 3.3 x 4.3 inches and can be placed literally anywhere because of its size and the technology which makes it as amazing as it is. It is called Q3D Holophony sound wave field synthesis, and it emits sound waves like continuous layers of bubbles.

Theatre Box  Q3D Holophony

The Q3D Holophony sound wave field synthesis is superior to traditional surround sound systems

Each of these layers is encoded with a 3D audio effect and as the bubbles expand and reach our ears, we can clearly hear them. This surround sound system allows you to move around the room and still hear the desired effects, which is not possible with beam forming surround sound systems as you simply have to stay in the “sweet spot”. The battery of the Theatre Box allows you to use it for around 20 hours on a single charge, which is pretty amazing.

Theatre Box Bluetooth and NFC

Theatre Box allows Bluetooth and NFC connectivity so you can use it as a regular wireless speaker

It also supports Bluetooth connectivity and NFC pairing so you can use it as a powerful speaker and listen to your favorite music. Along with the Theatre Box you will receive a 3.5 mm audio cable just in case a device you are using doesn’t support Bluetooth or NFC. Lightweight, compact and portable, you can enjoy in its amazing sound quality wherever you go. To sweeten the pot, the guys at Acemile have added a microphone so you can use it even for calls, which makes this surround system even better because it gives it versatility.

Theatre Box capacitive touch controls

Capacitive touch control allows you to easily use it

Currently, the Theatre Box is available in two colors: black and blue, but the fellas at Acemile have announced two more color variants: red and green. A device such as this is really a unique one currently on the audio equipment market and it has quite a lot to offer.

Get it from amazon here.

Check out a video about the Acemile Theatre Box.

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