The Top 5 Spy Apps for Android and iPhone

Spy apps certainly sound like something you wish you had when you were a kid. However, even though they are not meant for child play, they can be of great service to those in need. For example, if you’re worried about what your kid is doing on the Internet, you can install one of these apps on their phone and keep track of everything. So, if you don’t know where to start, check out these five best spy apps for Android and iPhone.


This handy spy app helps you monitor the movements and communication of your child, and you can do it through a secure Web portal. Hoverwatch has an easy-to-use interface and it is very intuitive. It allows you to record phones calls, sms and instant messages, track locations and check browser history. It also allows you to capture photos of anyone who tries to unlock the device and it captures screenshots remotely of the user’s device. The app costs $19.95 per month, but it comes with a free 3-day trial if you wish to test it out first.


FlexiSpy is definitely one of the best spying apps for mobile devices and it is rich in features. It is built both for iPhone and Android phones, however you either have to jailbreak the target iPhone or root the Android in order to install the app. What this app can do is record phone calls, call history, text messages, photos, emails, it tracks social media, location and movements via GPS and many more other features. What is more, all collected data can be accessed through a web-based portal or via its mobile app. Additionally, this app allows you to intercept phone calls and even activate the microphone in order to listen and record the surroundings. It does offer you plenty of features, but it comes at a higher price of $149 for Premium accounts and $349 for the Extreme version.


mSpy is certainly one of the best spying apps for iPhones. It is easy to use, but you have to activate the license code and you can safely monitor the targeted phone via mSpy’ online portal. What this spying app offers is access to the phone’s data such as messages from all kinds of apps, phone calls, browser history and their GPS location. Moreover, this app has additional features such as social media monitoring, keylogger, parental control and so on. The price for the Basic version is $29.99 a month, while the Premium costs $69.99 a month or $199.99 per year.


By the name itself you can guess the main feature, but this app offers much more than simple tracking of a desired phone. It allows you to keep tabs on your kids by monitoring their text messages, calls, emails, browsing history, location and even phonebook. You can also control the phone remotely and get alerts. This app runs smoothly on both Android and iOS devices and it costs $6.25 a month.


Like all the other apps, MobiStealth offers you monitoring of messages, application list, web browsing, location tracking, access to emails, pictures, call and surrounding recording and keylogging. However, even though it’s a mobile app, it can be hooked up to a PC or Mac, so you can track everything happening on your kid’s computer as well. And of course, the price will depend on the system you wish to install it to.

If you never thought spying could be possible on this level, here is your proof. You can easily monitor the activities on your child’s phone, or keep track of your boyfriend. Whatever your needs, these five best spying apps will certainly help you.

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