The tips you need to know for a great first and second date with a mature woman

Older women are more refined and experienced than the typical lady. They’re fun to be with but hard to please. So, how should you act during your first date to ensure that there is a second? In this article, we will talk about our main tips on what to say and do on this important first date with an adult woman. These tips will be useful in any situation, whether you have met in person or through dating website.

Our best first date tips for men

There are a lot of rules for guys for the first date. We’re going to run down the list of things to keep in mind, and you should make sure that you follow them.
• Be on time; no woman likes to be kept waiting
• Dress nicely; older women expect at least an attempt at class
• Go out to eat instead of relying on your culinary experience
• Be old-fashioned with your manners. Hold the door, pull her chair out
• Don’t make any assumptions about her past and don’t ask.
These are all important things to remember if you’re trying to be successful at dating an older woman. Their expectations are more than a shared pizza and a night binge-watching a television show. With that in mind, it’s necessary to realize that there is a reason she’s on a date with a younger guy, so don’t act like you have no footing in that relationship.

What do you expect from a first date?

The expectations for a first date should not be anything like you would consider with a person your age. The age gap is going to play a large role in the date. As we’ve said before, the setting of the date is typically going to be a place that is somewhere in the middle or upper echelon of dating locations. In other words, don’t expect to take her out for fast food. She will probably have a place in mind for a date, and it’s up to you to take her there or meet her. On the first date, you can expect to hear a lot about her because she’s probably heard the stories of younger guys before.

That doesn’t mean you won’t get a chance to tell her about you, but it’s a good practice to wait for her to finish sharing or to overtly ask you about your past, present, and potential future. Most older women will expect the man to pick up the bill. It’s not the same as the younger mindset these days where people will split it. Depending on the kind of meeting you had with this individual, you might end the night with a kiss, or it could go farther.

Is it okay to kiss on the first date in adulthood?

The interesting thing about dating older women is that they’re mostly past all the shaming and hang-ups that they encountered while dating in their youth. In other words, modern mature women are going to do whatever they want and brush off the consequences. Back to the question at hand. Is it okay to kiss on the first date? Yes, it’s definitely fine to kiss on the first date and do more if both of you are comfortable. While you might find yourself on a date with a woman that is less willing to kiss at first, you could also be meeting a more accommodating woman. Get to know your date and feel out the situation. You might set yourself up for a second date by being smooth.

First dates are hard, but you don’t dwell on it

The first date will likely be difficult and stressful. You’re meeting someone that you don’t know. You also have to factor in the intimidation that a mature woman can leverage, too. Still, as long as you follow the tips that we’ve provided, you shouldn’t worry about it too much. Even if a date with one older lady doesn’t go the way you planned, you can always find more in your area. Dating sites are chock full of women looking for a good time, as are most bars and clubs. Worrying about the date before or after doesn’t do you any good; you’ll know if it was successful.

Romancing a woman that has an age gap with you can be stressful. Aside from trying to find common ground in your hobbies and outlook on life, your romantic experiences will be dissimilar. Yet, if you put in the time and effort to chat with these lovely ladies and get to know them in good faith, the chances are high that you’ll score at least a first date. Then, with a little bit of luck and preparation, you’ll get to the second and possibly third date.

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