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Discover the wilderness of Kenya with exploration tours organized by The Safari Collection. Each experience allows you to explore the diverse landscape of this beautiful African country. The unique environment is accompanied with relaxing accommodation- four lodges that bring up the best of this exotic retreat.

The Safari Collection Lodges

The Safari Collection Giraffe Mansion

Breakfast at the Giraffe Manor.

The Safari Collection Giraffe Mansion Dining Room

Let’s first start with the accommodation. The Safari Collection offers four unique lodges. There’s the Giraffe Manor, an exclusive boutique hotel that literally allows you to hang out with giraffes. There, you can share a breakfast with a giraffe, feed baby elephants or visit history museums.

The Safari Collection Sala's Camp

Sala’s Camp

The Safari Collection Sala's Camp Bathroom

Sala’s Camp is great for exploring wildlife and relaxing. You can watch birds, enjoy outdoor breakfasts and if you’re feeling adventurous, take a hot air balloon ride. This tented camp is luxurious and provides amazing views and food.

The Safari Collection Sasaab Outdoors

Sasaab outdoors.

The Safari Collection Sasaab Pool

The Safari Collection Sasaab

The third one is Sasaab, a luxury accommodation with Moroccan and Swahili style. It’s close to the Buffalo Springs National Reserves and features an open-air bathroom and private plunge pool. Here, you can take guided walks, ride camels, sleep in the wilderness and enjoy spa treatments.

The Safari Collection Solio Lodge Room

The Solio lodge.

The Safari Collection Outdoor Dinner

The last one is the Solio lodge, a set of five cottages. It’s tucked in a valley of a private wildlife sanctuary- a rhino breeding reserve. You can go fishing, mountain biking or watch zebras, rhinos and impalas.

The Safari Collection Experiences

The Safari Collection Experience

1. A Cultural Photographic Safari

The Safari Collection Wild Animals

This experience is perfect for adventure and wildlife photographers. It lasts 7 days and includes a guided tour with a National Geographic photographer Robin Moore. You will visit the lodges, but also explore the wilderness and African villages. The program is culturally rich and full of exciting activities like horse riding and mountain biking.

2. Fossil Hunting In Kenya’s ‘Cradle Of Mankind’

The Safari Collection Rhino Watching

This experience covers the Turkana region, where you can find some of the richest fossil evidence of man’s earliest history. In 5 days, you will visit mountains, lakes, and ancient forests as well as take helicopter rides over the desert and ‘Jade Sea’.

3. Virunga Gorilla Exploration

Virunga Gorilla Exploration

Visit the Congo, meet the gorillas and explore swamps, forests, savannahs, lava plains, erosion valleys and active volcanoes in the Virunga National Park. It’s perfect for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

African Lady In A Village

Besides these amazing experiences, there are plenty more. You can take a week of wild adventure, helicopter tours, bush experiences, catch the wildebeest migration…Check them out here.

The Safari Collection Horse Riding

The Safari Collection Feeding The Baby Elephant

The Safari Collection Elephants Walk

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