Casa Na Mata | The Rainforest House By Studio MK27

The Brazilian rainforest may sound too exotic to some, but for Studio MK27 it’s an ideal location to build a magnificent structure- Casa Na Mata. This rainforest house is another great example of a perfect getaway, a house that blends in with the surrounding land.

Casa Na Mata is located west of the Paulista shore in Brazil. It has a lot of wooden, spacious areas and a minimalistic design that in a way reminds us of Norway’s Juvet hotel. Both are in harmony with the environment and feature organic elements that connect the structure with nature. Besides the wooden parts, the house features a lot of exposed concrete.

Casa Na Mata From The Front

Studio MK27 constructed a rainforest house in Brazil.

Casa Na Mata Entrance

Located west of the Paulista shore, Casa Na Mata is built from exposed concrete and wood.

Casa Na Mata has three floors, the ground floor features a large wooden deck. Also on the bottom floor, there’s a children’s playroom as well as utility rooms. As you approach the stairs, you notice a luminous work done by the brilliant artist Olafur Eliasson.

Casa Na Mata Ground Floor

The house features spacious minimalistic areas and three floors.

Casa Na Mata Entrance To The First Floor

The entrance to the first floor.

Casa Na Mata Stairs

The geometric lamp is the work of Olafur Eliasson.

The middle floor houses five bedrooms and a TV room, all created for ultimate coziness. Each one has a small balcony with a hammock and wooden sun-screens.

Casa Na Mata Rooms

The middle floor is where the bedrooms are.

The top floor is where the kitchen, living room and infinity pool are. In a way, this is a much different organized space than we usually see. What is here on the top floor is usually on the ground floor of almost every typical house.

Casa Na Mata Top Floor

The living and dining area are located at the top floor.

Casa Na Mata Living And Dining Area

In the corner, next to the pool there’s a fireplace.

The top floor is very spacious. On the one side, you’ll find a smaller deck with the hot tub and sauna, and on the other, by the pool, a round fireplace.

Casa Na Mata Pool

The big infinity pool on a wooden top deck.

Casa Na Mata Hot Tub

Also on the top floor are the hot tub and sauna.

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