‘The Pet Plant’ Digital Pot by Junyi Heo

Trust the Japanese to come up with a 21st century hi-tech solution for the people who are inapt at keeping plants healthy and making them grow. If you have never had a green thumb but would love to have plants to enliven your place of residence, have a look at a device called the Digital Pot (also known as the Pet Plant), designed by Junyi Heo for Yanko Design.

The Digital Pot is the tamagotchi of the plant world. It is your plant’s spokesperson as it „speaks“ what the plant exactly needs: more or less water, higher or lower temperature, better soil conditions, more or less humidity. The Pot calculates those variables based on the need of the plant, and expresses its condition via a series of pictograms on an LCD display.

The Digital Pot will also tell you whether you have overwatered the plant and, in the case you have, it will automatically drain the excess water into a separate dish. All the Digital Pot needs is a simple USB interface to send the information to and from computer.

The plant’s status is told by various digitally simulated facial expressions: is your plant feeling angry because you have neglected it or maybe happy or maybe it is about to wither away? All you need to do is to look at the Digital Pot’s face and it will show you the plant’s „mood“.

Pet Plant Digital Pot by Junyi Heo

USB connection on the Pet Plant Digital Pot by Junyi Heo

LED screen exressions on the Pet Plant Digital Pot by Junyi Heo

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