The Owlbag | World’s First Transformative Backpack


Realizing that backpacks are somewhat limited in their functionality, the creators of OWLBAG set out to create something different that can be molded to your particular style and needs. For instance, you would not be carrying a backpack to a business meeting, or a messenger bag to an outdoor adventure but you certainly do need both.

This is where this bag comes in to not only save you money but to provide you with level of comfort and incredible functionality as well. OWLBAG is what you would call a transformative bag. It functions as a rucksack, a tote and messenger bag, and a reverse or stand-alone backpack for those outdoor adventures. It does this by literally being 4 bags-in-one that you can change to suit your needs while the extra bags could be used as pockets or as standalones.

Two images Of The OWLBAG

The OWLBAG can be easily transformed into a different type of bag.

You get the reversible main bag that has been coated for waterproofing on one side and uncoated on the other that can act as a laptop sleeve, the ‘medium pocket’ that functions as a tablet or document carrier, the ‘Sack’ for those outdoor adventures that can hold 20L of stuff while being waterproof as well, the coated ‘small pocket’ that can hold things such as your passport, wallet, smartphone etc. and also get 2 straps that are included in the package so that you can modify each bag as you see fit.

Two Images Of Guys Wearing The OWLBAG

There’s plenty of room to store all your necessities.

All of the bags are made from polyester that are durable, lightweight and stylish to suit your particular needs. You can also choose the ‘Tech OWLBAG’ that comes with a Bluetooth Beacon so that you can find your bag easily and a power bank to charge your smartphone on the go.

At this moment, the OWLBAG is on a Kickstarter campaign and if you’d like one as much as we do, you should go fund them here so that you can get your early bird special. watch video below

Check out this video to see different ways you can use the OWLBAG.

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