The Nikon Fisheye Nikkor Lens


One of the rarest lenses ever made, the Nikon Fisheye-Nikkor F5.6 6.2-mm SAP is going to be sold in an auction this month.

Total, 360-degree vision has always intrigued mankind. Obviously our field of view can only go up to approximately 120 degrees, but we managed to expand that a little bit, through photography. People from Nikon made an incredible “Fisheye” lens that is able to perceive objects that are slightly behind it.

Nikon lense seen whole from top to bottom

This lens has an aperture range of F5,6 – F22.

With the amazing 230 degrees field of view, this masterpiece was first made during the 1960s but sadly, it was never available to the common people.  These types of lenses were used mainly in science, especially in meteorology and astronomy. Fisheye-Nikkor F5.6 6.2-mm SAP was extremely advanced back in the 1960s, but, unfortunately, Nikon made only 3 of these remarkable lenses before they stopped production.

Nikon lens captured upside-down

There are only 3 of these ever made in the whole world.

Its spherical lens possesses the aperture span of F5.6 to F22 which was pretty cool and mighty back in the day. It was first sold in Tokyo at the camera show for a staggering $40,000 and it’s said that is in almost perfect shape.

Nikon Fisheye-Nikkor F5.6 6.2-mm SAP is an iconic, rare and brilliantly designed lens that is a simply priceless collectable for every photography enthusiast out there. That is, of course if that photography lover has 50,000 dollars just laying around, waiting to get spent on an auction that will be held on 21st of November at the Camera Auction in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

Starting price is 20,000€ ( over $21,000), but experts estimate that the bidding will rise up to 45,000€ (over $48,000). You can place your bid online here. Good luck!

Nikon lens photographed from above

This remarkable lens has a stunning 230-degree field of view.

This video of a similar model will show you what this rare lens can do.

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