The new tech improving the most traditional of things

They often say the traditional methods often lead to the best results, but they can also take up a lot of valuable time. Luckily, technology has improved on many of these traditional past times and made them much quicker and easier to do. Here are some of the ways new technology has helped improve some of the oldest tasks.

Sending a card

One of the most traditional past times still around today has got to be sending someone a card or a letter. Whilst this way of communicating with friends and loved ones is often seen as the most thoughtful, it’s also seen as the slowest as well. Not only do you have to buy the card, write the card and then find somewhere to post it, you then have to wait days for it to be delivered to the recipient. Now in 2020, you can cut out a lot of that process at the start and design your own personalised cards to be sent directly to your loved one. You can add photos to the front and write your own message inside. If you want your message to get their even quicker, you could even send an e-card instantly to the one you love via email.

Playing a game

There are so many different games that many of us will have played growing up. Each one will have had its own rules and its own playing pieces you needed to play, whether that was something as simple as a deck of cards or a board game’s board with play money and chance cards like Monopoly. No matter what game you were playing, it was highly likely that you’d also need someone else to play against to make the game feel exciting. For example, to play bingo back in the day you will have needed someway of selecting the numbers at random, whether that’d be a bag of balls or some other machine. You would have also needed the tickets with the random numbers, someone to call out the numbers and someone to complete against. Nowadays, you don’t need any of that as you can play online from any device. Some of the best UK Bingo sites even let you play for real money wherever you are in the world, whether that’s relaxing in bed or waiting at a bus stop.

Renting a movie

Many people might say that because renting movies only really became popular in the early 90s, it’s too early to call it traditional. What many people don’t realise is the 90s started over three decades ago and it’s definitely earned its place in the history books. Many people of a certain generation will remember the feeling of going to Blockbuster or their local video rental and looking through the shelves for a movie to pick. After you watched it you had to return it to the store within a certain number of days, not forgetting to rewind the tape to the start of course. Nowadays the whole process is a lot simpler, as you can just log onto a streaming website like Netflix and watch one of thousands of films on offer with a simple click of a button.

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