For a while now we have felt a certain desire stirring; the desire to ultimately escape from the drudgery of the rat race and a 9-5 job. The internet and technology has changed us in many miraculous ways and perhaps this desire is a definite side-effect of being interconnected on a global scale. The nomads are coming back and if you feel that itch to try a nomadic lifestyle, we have just the book for you. The New Nomads: Temporary Spaces and a Life On The Move, written by Robert Klanten, Sven Ehmann and Michelle Galindo, is a book about freedom, liberation and enjoyment.

The New Nomads cover

Cover of the New Nomads

It is also a celebration of mobility and our technology, or a guideline on how to live mobile yet still a hi-tech life. Digital tools have changed our life and work. The new generation of digitally minded professionals is not bound by one place and no longer need a typical home. They are mobile. One moment they can work in an office in Paris, then move into a caravan in Southeast Asia for a few months in summer and then show up for the next project in Los Angeles.

The New Nomads advice

This book is filled with useful advice on how to become a modern nomad

The New Nomads will enlighten you on ingenious ways to live a hi-tech nomadic lifestyle, while also giving you contemporary architectural solutions and ideas about flexible furniture. From an inflatable classroom that is created from a repurposed dumpster to a modular dwelling system on wheels, this book contains a variety of flexible spaces, innovative products and tips and tricks that will make you a modern nomad.

The New Nomads inflatable room

This inflatable room is just one of many options you can use on your nomadic path

The New Nomads is a useful guide for those of you that want to literally live and think outside the box. The New Nomads do not merely live in one part of the world; because, for them, they call the entire globe home.

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