The Most Popular Wheelchair Sports

Wheelchair sports can be a superb option for anyone that requires the use of a wheelchair and bring many benefits to their life. In addition to the obvious health benefits of regular exercise, wheelchair sports can also be helpful in terms of improving mental health, building a social life and developing confidence.

Starting a Wheelchair Sport

Additionally, there are many benefits to any kind of competitive sport so if you or a loved one requires the use of a wheelchair then it is certainly worth considering. You can usually find clubs nearby that offer these sports and then use a wheelchair accessible vehicle from somewhere like Allied Mobility to reach the club. There are all kinds of different wheelchair sports to consider too, including a few that are lesser-known. Here are a few of the best:


Wheelchair basketball is one of the most popular types of wheelchair sports and one which can be played by people with a range of physical disabilities. There is even a governing body for the sport and a World Championship competition in addition to being one of the major events at the Paralympic Games.


Wheelchair motocross simply involves wheelchair users performing tricks in their chair (often at a skatepark) and you will be amazed at some of the tricks on show at the competitions happening around the world.


It might seem like tennis is a sport that is very hard to play in a wheelchair but clever adapted chairs can make it much easier for wheelchair users to move side-to-side. Tennis is one of the most popular sports around the world and wheelchair tennis is (unsurprisingly) on the rise amongst wheelchair users.


For adrenaline junkies, wheelchair paragliding is a fantastic sport to consider and certainly one which will get your heart pumping. Wheelchair paragliding involves using a custom-made three-wheel chair which allows the rider to gradually glide upwards to high altitudes and amazing views.

Wheelchair Racing

Wheelchair racing is another common and popular wheelchair sport that you will often see at the Paralympics. Often, it is not simply a straight race from A to B as you might have various obstacles to navigate along the way.

Snow Sports

It might seem like snow sports would be difficult for a wheelchair user but there have been many impressive developments in adapted equipment in recent times which can allow a wheelchair user to ski, snowboard or use a snowmobile and enjoy the thrill that snow sports can bring.

These are just a few wheelchair sports that are available but there are many more to consider. These sports can bring many advantages to a wheelchair user and be an excellent form of exercise so it is certainly worth considering.

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