The Mask House | By WOJR

The Mask House is a mysterious sanctuary located in a woodland area in Idaho, NY. It was made as a refuge for a man who lost his younger brother in a lake that the house overlooks. The house was designed by WOJR and together with a dark-clad exterior it’s “a place of separation and protection that removes one from the world of the everyday and offers passage to an other world”.

The house is located on a slope of a 587-square-foot area and supported with stilts. The rooms are organized in sequences and each one is more removed from the world. At the center of the house is a narrow walkway that leads to the entrance and once you enter the house, there’s an open-plan living area.

the exterior of Mask House

Mask House is built as a refuge for a man who lost his brother in a lake nearby the house.

black cladding of The Mask House By WOJR

The house is designed by WOJR architect firm and is located in a woodland area of Idaho, NY.

Contrasting the dark exterior is the light-coloured wooden interior that’s designed in a Scandinavian aesthetic. The south part of the house is where the kitchen is, while the bedroom is to the north. The bed is placed in a compact space with a circular skylight just above it.

livng area and bedroom in a lake house

Even though the exterior of the house is all black, inside you’ll find light wooden elements with just a few black details.

fireplace and a window looking at trees

Large windows provide views of the lake and surrounding forest. The fireplace is there to heat up the rooms during cold months.

Also, you can climb to the roof and use it as a terrace. To access it, the guests can use an external staircase. Once you’re up there, you’ll notice that the area around the house is just like a minimalistic sanctuary. Large window offer views of the lake as well as of the natural landscapes. [via]

two images of Mask House rooms

Just above the bed, there’s a circular black skylight. The stairs lead to the roof.

the roof terrace of Mask House

The roof also serves as a terrace.

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