The Lo-Ruiter Longboard | By Joey Ruiter

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Designer Joey Ruiter has already treated us with some cool products like the Growler City Bike and the Inner City Bike. Now, he has decided to dedicate his attention to the skateboard and this effort has resulted with the Lo-Ruiter Longboard. This board features innovative, futuristic design and it’s meant to resemble a hoverboard and give the rider an impression of floating. The deck is made from molded maple and carbon fiber and supported by Arbor MOSH wheels.

The Lo-Ruiter Longboard is both sophisticated and functional. Designer Joey Ruiter says that the beauty of skateboarding comes from its simplicity and that’s exactly what he wanted to keep, despite the futuristic hoverboard-like looks. This skateboard stays true to its nature and provides an amazing experience.  The deck is large enough to allow for multiple positions, as well as walking front to back and riding switch. The top of the board features cutout shapes that allow you to see the wheels while riding and make carrying the board a breeze.

A man carrying the Lo-Ruiter Longboard, side view, in front of a white wall.

The Lo-Ruiter Longboard features an elegant, futuristic design that also enhances functionality and makes the skateboard easy to carry around

The holes also have a functional role as you can break by stepping on them with your foot. The Lo-Ruiter Longboard is designed to transport you from point A to point B in a fun and classy way, so if you want to skate around town with style, this is a perfect choice. Besides the quick starts, smooth ride and easy carrying, the board is also easy to lean against the wall thanks to its flat ends.

Lo-Ruiter Longboard leaned up against the wall, front and back view.

The deck of the Lo-Ruiter Longboard is made from multi-ply molded maple and carbon fiber and it’s long so it allows for multiple positions

The Lo-Ruiter Longboard represents a modern twist on classic skateboards as it features an innovative design that also serves to enhance the functionality and versatility of the board. The longer wheelbase also provides a good speed and the wheels are virtually impossible to kick by accident since they’re enclosed. This upgraded skateboard is suitable for different types or riders since it’s classic with no ridiculous technologies, but it’s also sophisticated for all the modern people who are still skaters at heart.

Lo-Ruiter Longboard leaned up against the wall, tilted bottom and front view.

The Lo-Ruiter Longboard features flat ends so it’s easy to lean against the wall and it has enclosed wheels that are impossible to kick accidentally while pushing

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