The importance of being a good friend

Having people you can rely on and trust is one of the many gifts you can have. Knowing there are people that you can tell your problems to and celebrate your wins with is invaluable. In a world that can be cold and competitive, it’s nice to know that there will be a safe haven provided to us from the world. People being able to offer friendship to one another is an amazing way to do this. It’s very important to provide this to the people around you.

What constitutes a good friend?

Being able to empathise with the struggles of others is probably the best way to be a good friend. Knowing how to put yourself in the place of others and feel how they feel is the epidemy of understanding what friendship is to be. For some of us, this is easier than it sounds. If you are not familiar with the types of experiences other people have it might take a little bit of work to relate to them.

Being accepting

We all have flaws. Being able to look past the shortcomings of others and seeing an individual’s feelings is the essence of being human. And being human is where friendship starts.

Being trustworthy

All people have dealt with betrayal and disappointment. People knowing that they can rely on and confide in you is priceless. Even the most powerful and rich people in the world will find a person whom they can trust valuable. Being somebody that people can trust will go a long way in making you a good friend.


At times people may doubt themselves. Giving friends sound insights into whatever issues they are facing can be key in giving them the proper support they need. Being honest is a great way to provide this for others.

How to be a better friend?

Remember the little things

People knowing you were thinking about them is also a very good way to provide friendship. A phone call on a birthday or a Christmas gift during the holiday season is a very good way to do this. Doing this will provide a very good opportunity to let people know that you care.

Be there in the difficult times

Providing support for people when things are going well is quite easy. Being there for people when they are down can be a bit more challenging, but is an excellent way to show that you are a friend. Also, sending a sympathy card when they’re going through a difficult situation will let them know that they are thinking of them.

Being able to offer support and help to the people close to you is very important. The world can be a very harsh place. It’s hard to see that many people often find disappointment and heartbreak in their daily life. We often underestimate the hardships of people in their lives. Even the people closest to us may not feel comfortable talking about the challenges they face. Being able to offer friendship to people is a great way to make the burdens of life easier. Learning how to do this for those around you will make their lives happier and enrich yours.

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