Spring is here so that means there is a lot work to be done in your yard. Doing work in any yard requires a whole bunch of tools and instead of keeping all of them cluttered up in your garage, take a look at The Handler, a 5-piece yard tool system. This yard tool system effectively replaces a large number of tools you might or might not have. The base of The Handler consists of a fiberglass handle which has a nylon locking tip mechanism with stainless steel ball bearings. This makes it a perfect combination of durability and excellent engineering. Along with the handle you will receive four excellently crafted tools which will make short work of every yard problem.

The Handler friberglass handle

The fiberglass handle has a nylon locking tip mechanism for better stability

Among the four tools is the steel blade shovel attachment which measures 11.7 inches in length and 9 inches in width. This makes it quite a large shovel, giving you a tool up for any task. It also has two types of rake attachments; a 14-tine garden rake and a 22-tine metal leaf rake.

The best part of these rake attachments is that they are sturdy enough to be used without the handle, when the need for such action arises. Last but not least, The Handler has a 24 inch push broom, perfect for keeping large areas clean.

The Handler attachments

The Handler has four attachments: a shovel, two types of rakes and a push broom

Another amazing feature of this yard tool system is that it comes with a wall mount storage system with additional space savings which provides better organization when compared to traditional storing. This way of storing your tools will be very much appreciated with people with small children in their homes as they will not easily reach any of these fine attachments.

Get it from Amazon here.

The Handler wall mount system

The included wall mount system allows for better organization

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