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GoPro has announced something that every athlete who uses their gear to shoot spectacular videos will appreciate very much, the GoPro licensing portal. This portal will allow its subscribers to earn a few bucks off of their footage. This platform could be an excellent way of allowing content creators to reap the rewards of their hard work because they can use this service to sell their footage and it makes it easier for advertising companies (and not just them actually, anyone interested in specific footage) to secure the copyrights for the material they are interested in.

The GoPro Premium Content Licensing Portal features

This GoPro’s service will have a lot of features which will make licensing content easy

Any interested party can apply for membership here, if you want to use these services. After you gain access you will get the opportunity to check out all the features this new GoPro service has to offer. Among them are discovery features which allow you to search content and preview it before seeking for licensing, downloading videos of low and high resolution file formats and using the watermark feature to make sure that your content is fully secure.

The GoPro Premium Content Licensing Portal application

You can apply for access if you follow the link provided in the text

GoPro’s move to launch this service will definitely receive a lot of attention from people who already have fairly viewed videos made with their gear, and if content creators show interest in it then parties interested in copyrighting and using them will follow. However, pricing info about these services is currently still unknown, but we are sure that GoPro official will make this info available soon. [via]

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