Gold is not all that glitters. Money isn’t everything. Are these the words to live by in case you want to live the good life? What is the good life? No one can answer that question with absolute accuracy but some do make an effort to bring people closer to it.

Southern rapper Trip Lee is one of those people and with his book titled The Good Life he seeks to point you in the direction of the path which will take you to it.

The Good Life cover

The cover of The Good Life

Trip Lee is most famous for his rap career and the reason behind his decision to change the medium of his expression is because he started to feel that placing his message in a song just wasn’t enough. The title of his book is the same one used for his fourth studio album. What author Trip Lee discussed in his work is the way which we lead our lives and how we are lead to believe that the pursuit of happiness should be the pursuit of material wealth. He argues that life should be lived with faith in something and that most people do have faith but the issue lies in the fact that this faith is often misplaced and the people are misguided. Should you have faith in the promise of wealth? Or faith in a celebrity status? Lee’s answer is very straightforward; live your life with faith in a good God. The discussion in the book is divided into four sections and each of these seeks to explain what the good life is, how does one live it, the main points of it and what good can you expect from God if you do. Lee doesn’t claim that this read will be the life changing experience some of you expect. What he does is simply offer advice which will point you to the life changing truth.

If you are starting to realize that you aren’t living the life of happiness which you thought you would, then check out Trip Lee’s The Good Life and set yourself on the right path.

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