The Future of the Gaming Industry

Even though gaming is one of the most popular hobbies worldwide, the way we play games is continually changing. And so is the gaming industry, following a steady growth trend- last year, the global gaming market’s value was USD 162.32 billion, and by 2026 it is expected to reach a value of USD 295.63 billion.

But what will this bright future bring, and how will it change the gaming landscape? Here are the most important trends to look out for.

Artificial Inteligence

Among the tech that will change gaming in the future, AI is the major driver for creating a better gaming experience and boosting gamers’ satisfaction. With its ability to collect, analyze and give meaning to large amounts of data, game developers can now capture gamers’ needs with precision and respond to them by creating a product that will be tailored for their needs.

AI has already bettered games in many ways, starting with game development and functionality to game design and gameplay. In the gaming industry, AI has widely been used for customer support, in the form of AI-chatbots, to help games solve their issues quickly and effectively.

As AI is constantly evolving and getting more refined, the best impacts are still to come.

Online Casinos

As brick and mortar casinos are not always behind the corner, the online casino industry is booming too. With safe and secure payment methods being available online and technology capable of creating a fantastic experience for gamers, online gambling has become a very convenient choice for those looking for this kind of entertainment. We can also notice this trend by the rising number of mobile casino apps, with a game of BlackJack or Roulette being accessible wherever you want to try out your luck.

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Gaming Platforms

Gaming platforms, such as eSports, are increasing their share of the market. DoTA2 and League of Legends are perfect examples of the rising popularity of eSports. eSport tournaments are held worldwide, and professional gamers have all the hype. We will see more of these trends in the years to come.

Cloud Gaming

Recent developments in cloud technology affected the gaming industry as well, and as a consequence, cloud gaming emerged. As cloud technology does all the demanding work – game scene rendering, computing, video encoding, and streaming games can now run smoothly on various devices, including cell phones. Many video games majors has established partnerships with cloud gaming providers, and in the future, such collaboration will continue to expand.

Growing Smartphone Use

One of the trends that we are currently witnessing, and that will continue to expand is mobile gaming. Mobile phones are already the preferred choice for many gamers, apart from apparently being the most accessible one. The trend is a direct result of technology developments, such as VR, AR, and AI. The expected expansion of 5G networks and unlimited data plans will render the mobile gaming experience even more incredible.

Responsible Gaming

With the rise and greater access to online gambling, many online casinos have started to develop measures to protect the players from the risks of winning addiction. Besides preventing underage gambling, the best online casinos have measures in place that give players more control over their habits. One of such measures is self-exclusion so that players can set a limit to the money and time they will spend. A reality check is also available in some casinos so that the users can have an insight into their losses and the time they’ve spent playing. Such measures will also be a priority in the future of gaming.

Both the gamers and other stakeholders in this industry can look forward to the days ahead and what innovations will the future unfold.

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