Thinking you could refresh your home by getting a few brand new pieces of furniture? Well, if your old furniture is not totally damaged, why not just restore it? You probably think that the process of restoring old furniture to its former glory is something too difficult, but you can find help in the form of a book called The Furniture Bible by Christophe Pourny. This is Pourny’s first book and he shares his experience, techniques and general knowledge about furniture with whoever is interested in the topic. The Furniture Bible could become the most used instruction book you have, especially if you enjoy DIY projects and performing more tangible and intricate work.

The Furniture Bible guide

The Furniture Bible includes detailed guides on how to perform the restoration techniques

Christophe Pourny found his love for furniture and artisan techniques as he grew up surrounded by antique pieces in his parents store. Completing his apprenticeship, he was more than ready to tackle any challenge and has made a name for himself  in this field as he was featured in many high profile magazines. Now, he boasts years of experience in restoration which you can obtain as well.

The Furniture Bible history

Along with the guides, this book also gives you an insight into the history of furniture

The Furniture Bible includes some of Pourny’s favorite restoration techniques, such as: ceruse, vernis anglais and water gilding among many others. All of the techniques which are included in the book have very detailed step by step guides on how to perform them yourself. The best thing about these skills is that they can be applied on any piece of furniture you have, not just antique pieces. You can make something beautiful out of a cheap old piece that’s just sitting in your garage.

The Furniture Bible author

Christophe Pourny, author of The Furniture Bible

Along with teaching you about the history of furniture and restoration techniques, he also divulges precious maintenance information, including how to correctly clean, polish and fix broken pieces as well as how to make your own wax, varnish, shellac and much more. If you have an old cupboard than could use some sprucing up, then grab a copy of The Furniture Bible and get busy.

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