The Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale | The Largest Art Festival in the World


The Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale is the largest art festival in the world. It takes place in three hundred square miles of land in northwestern Japan and lets visitors enjoy both the art and the outdoors.

This festival brings together around 160 landscape artists, sculptors, and architects. The idea is to connect visitors with the artworks and let them all experience the relations between nature, art, and humanity. In a way, the main theme is that humans are a part of nature and should actively participate in this relationship.

Chiyoko Todaka,
Yamanaka Zutsumi Spiral Works, 2006

This art festival connects visitors to the outdoors.

Akiko Utsumi, 
For Lots of Lost Windows, 2006

It features many large-scale artworks from 160 different artists.

This event is a great way for artists to meet and work together. Around half a million of people visit this unique art festival. It takes place once in every three years. The land and the beautiful landscapes serve as canvases for art.

Harumi Yukutake, Restructure, 2006-ongoing

This festival explores relations between nature, art, and humanity.

The organizers described the festival as a way to “reveal existing assets of the region using art as a catalyst, rediscover their values, communicate these to the world and find a way to revitalize the region.”

Chiharu Shiota, House Memory, 2009–ongoing

Around half a million of people visit it, and it’s a great way for artists and visitors to connect with nature.

Art Place Japan is a book that captures 800 artworks created during the past fifteen years of the festival. It’s full of stunning photographs and details about it. It also includes traveling tips for visiting the festival.

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A Page From Art Place Japan

A page from Art Place Japan.

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